Is remote sales more effective than in office sales?

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Head of Business Development in Software, 11 - 50 employees
It depends on the sales function on the one hand and the industry on the other.
Whereas lead generation has the potential to be more effective across industries, I would derive from my experience that deal closing effectiveness is different. Whereas deal closing for intangible Products and Services is more effective in remote sales nowadays, deal closing for physical products still requires the direct interaction and the look and feel. With technologies like the metaverse that might change, too.
VP of Sales in Software, 11 - 50 employees
The wording of the question is interesting.  It could be both depending on the complexity of the sales cycle and how long it is and how many parts of an organization might be needed to validate the product and its value.  It might be tough to complete all of that without stepping foot at a customer site.   Many proved that it could be done during Covid, but as things go back to a new normal, there are more distractions remotely and it can help to have actually face time. 
, Self-employed
In the last three years, we have moved to a more blended approach. We do a mix of field visits and remote. From a customer perspective, we adapt to what the customer wants for meetings. Field visits are stronger because you'll see much more when you're on-site. You see the business, the company, and you have a different relationship with the person than if you built that relationship by having 10 video calls. We also have seen the shift from engaging with a customer or prospect via a traditional phone call to now using video conferencing.

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