What system or tool does your organization use for ESG reporting?

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India Head and Director of Global Finance Shared Services in Hardware, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
I can provide the information about some commonly used systems and tools for ESG reporting that are available in the market. Organizations often use specialized software platforms or tools to collect, analyze, and report on ESG data. Some popular systems and tools for ESG reporting include:

Sustainability Management Software: These are comprehensive software solutions that help organizations manage and report on their sustainability initiatives. They often include modules for ESG data collection, performance monitoring, target setting, and reporting.

ESG Data Providers: Many organizations rely on ESG data providers that offer specialized data collection, analysis, and reporting services. These providers collect ESG data from various sources, normalize it, and provide insights and reports to subscribing organizations.

Integrated Reporting Platforms: Some organizations prefer to use integrated reporting platforms that allow them to consolidate financial, sustainability, and ESG data into a single comprehensive report. These platforms often include features for data collection, validation, and report generation.

Custom-built Solutions: In some cases, organizations develop their own custom software solutions or reporting frameworks tailored to their specific ESG reporting needs. These solutions are built in-house or with the help of software developers or consultants.

It's important to note that the choice of a system or tool for ESG reporting may vary depending on an organization's size, industry, reporting requirements, and internal processes. Organizations often assess their specific needs and evaluate different options before selecting a system or tool that aligns with their ESG reporting goals.

Director of Finance in Consumer Goods, 10,001+ employees
We use workiva and IBM Envizi system and tool for ESG reporting.
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Director of Finance, 10,001+ employees

I've been tasked with looking into using a software for ESG Reporting.  We would be using it to collect data from our global business units as well as help with SEC Reporting.  We use Workiva for our SEC Reporting now and use several IBM products.  What are you doing in Workiva and IBM Envizi?

Vice President in Finance (non-banking), 2 - 10 employees
ESG data provider reports have been helpful to better navigate and implement better ESG practices. These reports are just the beginning part of the journey to develop best in class services from an ESG perspective for all key stakeholders. 

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