I'm trying to get good data points on the industry for a casual gaming studio in MENA and appreciate sharing some data sources. Where do you find data on casual game studios in MENA and globally? What is the best source on ARPUs for major countries?

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Newzoo is a prominent market intelligence firm specializing in the gaming industry. They provide comprehensive reports and data on various gaming segments, including casual games. Their reports often cover global and regional market trends, consumer insights, and revenue figures. While some of their reports require a subscription, they also offer free industry updates and articles that can be informative.
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Newzoo: Newzoo is a well-known provider of market intelligence for the gaming industry. They offer various reports, including data on the global games market, regional trends, and company profiles. They provide valuable insights into the casual gaming industry and can help you understand market dynamics, revenue forecasts, and player demographics.

Statista: Statista is a reputable online statistics portal that provides data on various industries, including gaming. They offer reports, charts, and infographics on global gaming revenues, market size, and user behavior. You can search for specific gaming categories or regions to find relevant data points for casual gaming in the MENA region.

ArabNet: ArabNet is a leading platform for digital business and entrepreneurship in the Arab world. While they primarily focus on the broader digital ecosystem, they often publish articles and reports on the gaming industry in MENA. They cover topics like market trends, local game studios, and the gaming landscape in the region.

App Annie: App Annie is a popular mobile app analytics platform that provides insights into app usage and revenue. They offer data on app downloads, revenue estimates, and rankings for different app categories, including games. By exploring their reports and market intelligence, you can gain valuable information about casual gaming trends in MENA and globally.

Regarding average revenue per user (ARPU) for major countries, it can be more challenging to find specific data for casual games, as ARPU figures are often closely guarded by companies. However, I refer to the following sources to get an overview of ARPU in the gaming industry:

Newzoo: Newzoo publishes reports and studies that often include ARPU data for different countries and regions. While they might not have granular ARPU figures for casual games, their reports can still provide valuable insights into average spending patterns and player behavior.

Publicly available financial reports: Some publicly traded game companies provide financial reports that can include ARPU figures or general revenue breakdowns by region. Companies like Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, or Tencent often disclose such information. Keep an eye on their investor relations websites for relevant reports.

Gaming conferences and events: Attending industry conferences and events can be an excellent way to network and gain insights from industry experts. During such events, you may come across presentations or panels discussing ARPU trends and figures.
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For data, you can explore various online sources and platforms that provide info abou the gaming industry. Other helpful resources can be Game Development Conferences and Events, Gaming Industry Websites and News portals. Gaming Industry reports can also provide some insights.

Some reputable sources for ARPUs are Statista, SuperData and Financial reports and investor presentations. Although it might be required to take a subscription or make a payment to access these sources.
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For data on casual game studios in the MENA region and globally, you can consider sources like Newzoo, Statista, and App Annie. These platforms often provide insights into the gaming industry, including market trends, player demographics, and revenue figures.

For Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) data for major countries, you might find reports from market research firms like SuperData (now a part of Nielsen) and Newzoo helpful. They often publish reports on gaming monetization, which may include ARPU statistics for various countries.

Remember that access to specific data points might require a subscription or purchase, but these sources can be valuable for your research on the casual gaming industry.

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