What, according to you, is the most common challenge faced with cloud adoption?

Shortage of personnel with 'cloud’ expertise29%

Sheer sprawl of data in the existing environment26%

No visibility into the content and context of the data17%

Migration of data to the cloud14%

Data security and compliance management in the cloud9%

All of the above6%


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Marketing Analyst in Healthcare and Biotech, 51 - 200 employees
When it comes to the cloud, security is one of the greatest challenges faced by IT professionals—66% view it as an obstacle to adopting cloud technology. Contrary to popular belief, adopting the cloud can actually bolster security for organizations. Oftentimes, larger cloud service providers have greater financial means to secure data, thus providing a reliable and trustworthy option.

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The increasing prevalence of remote work and distributed teams16%

The growing importance of upskilling and reskilling to keep pace with technological advancements39%

The increasing adoption of AI, automation, and robotics in the workplace30%

The rising importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in hiring and retention6%

The changing expectations and priorities of younger generations entering the workforce7%

Other (please specify)0%


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Yes, a significant increase45%

Yes, a small increase42%

No, but I believe I am due for an increase12%


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