How do you compile and maintain a list of 3rd party software services being integrated in your code base by devs?

Developer and PM interviews, Google/Excel sheet33%

Formal process to OK any integration via Jira/ticketing - then list is created/maintained85%

No clean way - Look at traffic rom VPS, use NDR, sort unique domains38%

Custom tool - goes and finds API calls embedded in code magically2%


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Head of Corporate Development, Self-employed
What custom tools have you built?especially given that 3rd party APIs are rarely ever in openapi2/swagger compliant spec. 
Head of Corporate Development, Self-employed
Who owns the process for formal ticketing? is it Product management, security, GRC and How is the hammer brought down? essentially in too many places I have seen the process exist but to actually see it work given differing levels of commitment via PMs is a major issue from an implementation perspective.

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Yes, on my own12%

Yes, because I was asked29%

No, but I have been asked19%

No, and never been asked39%


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Senior Vice President - Advanced Engineering & Data Analytics in Manufacturing, 10,001+ employees
We can help here for prompt engineering from Zensar. This is Rajat. You can reach me at

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