How does your organization’s work-from-home or work-remotely policy affect your ability to hire professionals who have cloud-related skills?

It’s easier to hire for the cloud skills we need40%

It’s harder to hire for the cloud skills we need43%

Our policies make no difference in hiring16%


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Director in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Your survey doesn’t clarify what the policy stance is. Before Covid our policy was Zero work from home. Once covid is gone it will be 100% in the office again

This will make recruiting difficult as many applicants ask if they can work from home

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Founder, Self-employed
Work travel is a privilege. Embracing your experience to meet new people, and see the beauty of nature and culture wherever you go.
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We are not doing regression testing10%

25% manual, 75% automated50%

50% manual, 50% automated28%

100% manual, 0% automated8%

Don't know2%


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IT support22%

Customer service support38%

Marketing / Sales24%

Operations / Distribution13%

Human Resources1%


Other (comment below)0%


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Community User in Software, 11 - 50 employees

organized a virtual escape room via - even though his team lost it was a fun subtitue for just a "virtual happy hour"
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