Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says he wants his performance measured "on a two-, three-, four-year basis." What timeframe do you think makes the most sense for evaluating C-Suite executives?


Twice per year46%


Every 3 years7%

Every 5 years1%

Other (please share below)1%


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Director of The Digital Workplace in Software, 201 - 500 employees
Some lag metrics can only be measured on a long term basis, and moving out of a quarter-to-quarter mindset is good. 

However, there are definitely some influenceable lead metrics that people should be held accountable for to show they are moving in the right direction and meeting commitments. 

That should be the same for C-Suite, as well as everyone else.
Managing Partner, Partnerships & Strategy in Software, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
It depends on the measure, doesn’t it?
VP Talent, Learning & Organisational Development in Manufacturing, 10,001+ employees
Being a CEO is about being a role model. There are different ways of evaluating performance; you can measure financial and business performance only as part of a financial cycle/ share impact/NPS etc etc but on the 'how' a CEO should be much more regularly be evaluated, how is she/he interacting with people, what about communication style, what is she/he doing on turnover/retention/inclusion/ engagement. Those for me should be evaluated almost on a daily basis, that makes CEO's stand out from each other - not only when there is a formal performance to be reviewed but also how is this #1 leader acting on a daily basis, under stress or when things are progressing well. 

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Reviewing hiring/onboarding practices35%

Instituting maternity and paternity leave45%

Setting targets or goals for diversity in leadership52%

Providing support in the form of mentors, sponsors and resource networks43%

Scheduling inclusive networking events17%

Other (please share below!)4%


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Every time11%






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