Do you think automated hiring processes filter out potential candidates who could successfully perform the job, but don’t fit the exact criteria in the job description (e.g., lacks professional experience)?

Yes, always13%

Yes, often41%

Yes, sometimes41%

No, never2%

I don't know1%


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Global Vice President of Sales in Software, 11 - 50 employees
the industry is DEFINITELY going towards automation and leveraging Artificial Intelligence throughout the hiring process. 

So while the issue of "false negatives" where the Auto Process filters OUT a possibly strong candidate will certainly occur, I can guarantee you that automation is here to stay - so it's up to leveraging Ai in order to "recover" those false negatives. 

It is also up to the Automation Team to find those over time and fix your system. Without automation, you will bring consistency and uniformity to the Hiring Process which is critical to any good recruiting platform.

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More frequently than quarterly0%

Quarterly 50%

Annually 0%

Less frequently than annually50%


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No, but we have slowed hiring for non-essential roles.44%

No, we are hiring at a normal rate.28%

Other (tell us in the comments)2%



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