Are AI Prompt Engineers, or so called "AI whisperers", going to be a real thing? Is this an area for possible investment or just hype?

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Artificial Intelligence continues to advance and integrate further into various aspects of our lives. So, the specialized roles that involve understanding and optimizing AI systems could certainly emerge. These roles might involve deep technical knowledge of AI algorithms, programming, and data analysis. It is yet to be seen if the specific term "AI whisperer" becomes widely used or not. However, the underlying concept of individuals who have a unique ability to work effectively with AI systems is likely to become increasingly relevant. So, this concept is yet to take a concrete shape and clarity will emerge about its investment potential in due course of time. 
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I think we should shy away from investing too heavily in the term 'prompt engineers'.

In reality, AI is going to become better at understanding context (it's already much further forward than 6 months ago)

It will help if you know how to communicate effectively with the AI.

But in reality I'm predicting in the next 6-12 months it'll be no different to speaking with a human.

And you'll hire / select an AI in the same way as you'd hire a human.

Watch this space.
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Yes the way technology has unleashed its potential, AI whisperers will be a reality with help business to solve complex issues. 
There will be huge market and investment potential once its shows its potential.
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Yes. From my limited experience with Gen AI, it makes a world of difference that way you pose the questions and the level of detail you offer in your prompts. I am also aware that in the legal world, there are already courses to train in this area. I would not be opposed to having a Prompt Engineer on my staff at some point in the future.

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