What are the best sales trainings or certifications to help a sales rep stand out?

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Evangelism & GTM Strategy in Software, 11 - 50 employees
Pavilion has great “schools”/courses for sales reps specifically. Something I’ve also done and noticed that has helped me in countless ways is taking courses allowing me to cross-train…that is a huge advantage and really gets your mind understanding how a business is run from a foundational level (revops!)
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Salesforce has a new "Sales Rep" cert - https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/credentials/salesrepresentative.
And more OG -- Sandler system training.
CSO in Construction, Self-employed
I would recommend Gap Selling. It is a modern sales methodology focused on how buyers buy today, not around sellers "qualifying" a prospect. Regardless of whatever training or methodology you choose, the most important thing is what happens after. How well is the information retained? How is it implemented? How is success measured against it? 
Founder in Services (non-Government), 11 - 50 employees
I’ll shamelessly plug our #samshorts! We have dozens and dozens of testimonials about how they’ve changed the selling lives of tons of reps and leaders 🤗🤗 shorts.samsalesconsulting.com 
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The courses are great. 

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Visit the E-University for Sales https://mysalesuni.apacsma.com
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Get certified in MEDDICC, Storytelling, Channel Management (if you sell using channel partners), Coaching (coaching is an incredibly powerful and effective way to keep deals moving ahead), and one methodology, preferably the one your company is using. If the field they're selling in is heavily regulated, then get one or two relevant certifications. Take a course in business acumen if the seller doesn't already have an MBA (and encourage them to get an MBA if there's an opportunity to do so). Remember, selling is more about psychology than following a process, so other useful certifications or training would include understanding body language, public speaking, and how decisions are made.

I make no vendor recommendations here, but you can contact me directly if you wish to discuss further.
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For Enterprise Sellers, having gone through Force Management's Command of the Message and utilizing that with MEDDPICC for Opportunity and Pipeline management is valuable. 

A good baseline is JBarrows training for filling pipeline and closing deals. 

Also basic time management - GTD or Franklin Covey is incredibly valuable and necessary for a sales job.

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Would highly recommend doing some reading to catch up on some of the more modern types of selling. Get familiar with:

- MEDDPICC - what is it, why it is used, how you plan to apply it once onboarded if appropriate
- Read some newer sales books - Transparency Sale, I love Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss, Fanatical Prospecting, Tech-Powered Sales by Justin Michael. All good and relevant and are things I'd bring up to show alignment to whoever the leader you're talking to is.
- I've not found many certifications to be valuable to be honest
CSO in Construction, 2 - 10 employees
NASP offers training and certifications, you will build new sales success habits that support you as an entrepreneur, sales professional, marketing professional, or influencer. Includes
> Daily habit conditioning and weekly coaching
> Weekly assignments, online journal, and a progress dashboard 

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Active listening to challenges, pains and objectives
Good discovery facilitation
Support in building a business case
Price flexibility (not drops per se)
Focus on customer experience

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Senior Director, Head of Value (EMEA/APAC) at Certinia in Software, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Value Selling (focus on business issues, challenges, value prop vs just costs)
Customer Experience and Lifetime Value va just upfront costs

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