How does your sales enablement team determine how they support the various sales teams?

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CSO in Construction, Self-employed
I recently met with a sales leader at a very large company who told me that he has no influence over what sales enablement does. I was shocked! 
Director of Enablement, 501 - 1,000 employees
Sales enablement should be joined at the hip with the sales ops, and sales leadership teams to define common goals and KPIs - it’s only then you can identify what your targets are, and what your enablement criteria should be

My team has regular check ins with regional sales leadership, and they provide sales supporting enablement activities in line with what the region needs. There is no one size fits all approach 

If there’s uncertainty within sales, enablement becomes the guiding light. We don’t bark orders, we listen learn and grow 
Founder and Chief Revenue Operations Officer, Self-employed
Sales enablement is a partner and literally an "enabler" to the the sales organization. Therefore, its objectives, priorities, and metrics should be tied to the overall GTM strategy and objectives and be designed to help the organization each its goals. 

This includes not only onboarding and helping new member ramp faster, but also having the right tools and knowledge (technology, messaging, collateral, content, case studies, training, coaching, etc., etc.) to be successful in reaching their goals.

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