Marc Benioff (Salesforce CEO) has said that the latest company recruits are less productive, and that remote work may be to blame. What are some potential solutions to this productivity issue?

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Senior Director, Defense Programs in Software, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
Salesforce is known for great employee development. They need to invest more in remote leadership & management to counter this narrative.
CIO in Government, 10,001+ employees
This questions is larger than just recruits in a telework environment. The pandemic has transformed how every IT organization operates. In this brave new world of teleworking, it is incumbent on each manager to establish the appropriate management controls, milestones, delivery dates, etc to ensure remote staff are engaged and contributing to the overall organizational goals, strategies, and objectives.  Additionally, managers now need to spend more time onboarding new staff to ensure they understand the dynamics of the work environment and what the overall expectations are for telework.  Lastly, when possible, it is helpful to bring staff into the office on a periodic basis for team building and collaboration.  The frequency of these onsite interaction will vary based on the workforce, space, ongoing work demands, and other factors.
VP of Product Management in Software, 10,001+ employees
Engagement. Plain and simple. Employees - whether remote or on site - who are not engaged with the mission, vision, or company are going to be less productive. I don't think "remote work" is to blame; but remote-first organizations might have a harder time identifying disengaged employees and making meaningful strides to engage them because the cues that signal an issue can be harder to see when when distributed. Spending time getting to know employees on a human level, bonding and team building virtually, and scheduling buffer between back to back meetings to check in on a human level is a great first step. From there, ensuring each employee knows what they own and feel accountability for their sphere of influence are building blocks to productivity through engagement. 

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