Who owns the Records Management process in your company: Legal, Finance, Compliance, IT?

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Depending upon which type of record are we talking about. Each department owns their respective record mgt process viz., Legal contracts is managed by legal time and likewise.

Also, to add we have internal control team which oversees the each team is managing their records in accordance with policy.
Internal Audit Specialist in Energy and Utilities, 10,001+ employees
For big companies, this is a blended task.  Legal owns the requirements from laws & regulations standpoint and stays up to date for changes thereof, which are conveyed to senior managment for policy making.  Individual proponent organizations carry out the policy as they see fit to meet their own fit for purpose framework.  Compliance and Audit may provide assurance that the policy is being followed and internal controls associated with it are functioning as intended.  IT is the conduit for electronic assets record retention, while proponents themselves manage the hardcopy assets.   I see finane as just another proponent organization that is subject to having a records managment and destruction process in place that meets corporate policy requirements.

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