My team is developing a vendor questionnaire outlining all aspects of an IT stack consisting of networking, cloud, application, database, and security requirements. Is there a template I may be able to leverage? Or advice in building?

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I think before you go that far, check what exactly will be your main goal(s), is it cost saving, stream line your tech, single glass of pane on views, or something else

Once you have them, you can start prioritizing based on on the goal(s)

Why this matters? Each goal will bring different set of approaches

Hipe it helps
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Here are my own two pennies to contribute.
For starters, may I suggest you prepare one separate survey for each of the points you need to study, this way, the people completing them will find them short and straight to the point.
Also, you will not be forced to include generalized questions that may be misunderstood or misinformed.
I usually start by writing down the info I need to gather then proceed to create the questions with the options that will supply the most precise and clear choices/answers.
May I also suggest avoiding, as much as possible, open questions/answers and trying to keep it in the single/multiple choice answers arena.
Hope this helps.
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We  can provide you with some guidance on building a vendor questionnaire for assessing IT stack requirements. Here are some steps and considerations to help you develop an effective questionnaire:


·        Define Your Requirement

·        Categorize the Questions
·        Include General Information

·        Specific Technical Questions

·        Security and Compliance

·        Integration and Interoperability

·        Service Level Agreements (SLAs

·        Pricing and Contracts

·        Vendor Experience and References

·        Additional Considerations

Remember to strike a balance between asking for comprehensive information and keeping the questionnaire concise. Use clear and straightforward language, and consider providing multiple-choice options when applicable to facilitate vendor responses.

By customizing the questionnaire to your organization's specific requirements and priorities, you can effectively evaluate vendor capabilities and make informed decisions for your IT stack.
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Questionnaire pertaining to business and IT architecture, protocols and applications should be incorporated in IT function of the business for its seamless framework development. Please collaborate with me on and we can discuss the framework modalities at great length. The front end and back end tools description, programming languages, databases description should always be incorporated while creating a vendor questionnaire in IT ecosystem.
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Your template needs to consist of the following aspects
1. Vendor information such as
   a. Years of experience in the industry.
   b. Inclusion into professional organisations and Certifications relevant to the IT stack as well as industry standards like CMMI, GPW, etc.
   c.Number of professionals engaged across the organisation
   d.Client references

2. Networking:
   a. Metworking infrastructure and technologies.
   b. Security measures in place 

3. Cloud Services:
   a. What cloud platforms does the vendor support?
   b. Describe the vendor's approach to cloud architecture and design.
   c. Data security and privacy 

4. Applications:
   a. Specialised applications and domain
   b. References application implementations
   c. Application performance optimization and scalability

5. Database:
   a. Database technologies worked with
   b. Data integrity and backup/restore processes
6. Security:
   a. Approach to IT security.
   b. Address vulnerabilities and apply patches
   c. Security certifications or audits undergone

7. Support and Maintenance:
   a.Support options offered
   b. Response to support requests

8. Miscellaneous:
   a.Pricing models and cost structure.
   b. Additional costs or fees 
   c. SLAs
   d. relevant information about the vendor's capabilities or offerings that should be considered?

Remember to customize and expand this template based on your specific requirements and priorities. The questionnaire will help you evaluate potential IT vendors and select the one that best aligns with your organization's needs and goals.
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When developing a vendor questionnaire for assessing an IT stack, it is important to have a clear and concise framework.
Start with an introduction and background, followed by sections covering vendor information, networking, cloud services, applications, databases, security, integration, support and SLAs, pricing, and contractual terms.

Tailor the questions to gather essential information while leaving room for vendors to provide detailed responses. Evaluate the completed questionnaires, conduct follow-up discussions, and consider site visits or reference checks for further insights. Keeping these guidelines in mind will help you build an effective vendor questionnaire for your IT stack assessment.

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Actually, the AWS will be the best because cloud fare so data can stored and access from anywhere. 
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It depends on the country, for India it would be somewhere around 1 lacs per month

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Compliance management24%

New employee onboarding25%

Permissions management20%

Security incident management16%

Alert prioritization & review10%

Other (comment below)4%


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