Any guidance for consolidating monitoring tools? Advice on how to perform a feasibility analysis? We are using SolarWinds for our network and infrastructure monitoring quite extensively for around 9 years. During this time, a lot of customizations have been applied which makes the system quite complicated.  Our Cloud Team suggested that we should transition our SolarWinds system to Science Logic. I think that consolidating is the right thing to do, but Solarwinds is a complex system monitoring about 50% of our critical systems. 

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There are so many monitoring's tools placed now. for feasibility analysis first of perform primary analysis then market survey for business agility 
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Must ensure how inter-changable it is for it to scale. I also believe consolidating can help but it can be complex.
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- Start by identifying your current tool landscape and assess tool overlaps. Determine where you have redundancies and where consolidation can be achieved. 
- Consider the input and suggestions from your Cloud Team, who are recommending a transition from your existing tool.
- Gather insights and requirements from stakeholders involved in extensive tool usage through surveys or studies.
- If the Cloud Team's recommendation focuses on leveraging cloud capabilities, prioritize the feasibility analysis on transitioning from your existing tools, including the suggested options, or exploring alternative tools available in the market with enhanced capabilities.
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Start with this : what devices do you want to monitor? What logs you want to capture? How often will you want them to be sent? Who will manage them ? Who will view them ? Who will take action item for them ?

Once you have that, you can premium tools like manageengine etc, or opensource like grafana etc

This method can be applied to SIEM too

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Improving the developer experience (DX)39%

Improving user/customer experience64%

Solutions to measure and report on code/application quality54%

Consolidating tools to reduce context-switching for your developers28%

Improve Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Capabilities8%


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Following - interested in this question also.

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