How concerned are you that growing use of generative AI will increase misinformation, scams and/or fake news?

Almost no concern9%

Some concern67%

Growing more concerned daily14%

Very concerned. This is a BIG problem.10%


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VP of Marketing & Solutions — Artificial Intelligence in Software, 10,001+ employees
I’m actually quite concerned. I’ve recently used several Generative AI tools myself to see what is already possible today with ChatGPT (text, script), MidJourney (images), ElevenLabs (audio), and D-ID (animated avatars). And the results can be quite hard to tell apart for people who are not that familiar with AI. I believe there’s more awareness required on a broader scale in order to prepare people for this new kind of disinformation. This new kind of mis- and disinformation is no longer the “[insert country] prince” scam or the “grandkids” scam.
CIO in Healthcare and Biotech, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
The concern I have isn't for the technology but rather the understanding of the users on how to use the technology effectively.

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Accountability - There's no system for accountability - we just rely on people keeping their word33%

Innovation - There's a structured process to contribute an idea and see the eventual outcome and decisions53%

People - Our company finds it difficult to do any of the above33%

People - Laggards hold things back but certain people and teams make it happen31%

General - We find it difficult to do any of the above15%

IT - We are held back from most of the above by legacy systems and a dependence on IT24%

Processes and Workflow - We've reached a point where email, chat and documentation have been replaced with accountable tasking and repeatable processes17%

Processes and Workflow - We publish processes or documentation and try to keep it up-to-date13%

Something else (comments below)1%


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CTO in Software, 201 - 500 employees
Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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Founder, Self-employed
Work travel is a privilege. Embracing your experience to meet new people, and see the beauty of nature and culture wherever you go.
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Yes - Maine did the right thing. There are too many security risks with free versions of these tools. Not enough copyright or privacy protections of data.31%

No, but.... - You must have good security and privacy policies in place for ChatGPT (and other GenAI apps). My organization has policies and meaningful ways to enforce those policies and procedures for staff.53%

No - Bans simply don't work. Even without policies, this action hurts innovation and sends the wrong message to staff and the world about our organization.12%

I'm not sure. This action by Maine makes me think. Let me get back to you in a few weeks (or months).3%


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