How on earth do you manage juggling IT projects at once, without feeling like a circus performer?!

Be the project leader, NOT manager12%

Have a clear understanding of current enterprise priorities46%

Appoint a dedicated program manager17%

Trust my team and delegating responsibilities, rather than micromanaging23%

Leverage automation2%

Another pro-tip (comment below)1%


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If you are the IT leader of the company, it is contingent on you to create a team and give them the necessary resources and the direction which may take them to success.

Once you have been able to develop a trustworthy team, make sure that they keep you informed of progress or lack of it as it occurs even if they believe that they can make up lost time or overcome challenges during the journey.

Even if you are not the senior most IT leader and report into a CIO/CTO, but are tasked with managing multiple projects, only one step changes. To begin with you do the same, i.e. build a team with a "can do" attitude who will put their best efforts towards success. 

The change is that the health check you have taken from your team now goes to the CIO/CTO with your commentary on progress made, challenges and plan of action.
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Drive the business to prioritize.
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If you’re feeling like a circus performer, then you’re likely too involved in each of the tasks and projects

Set clear expectations and deliverables with your team, and trust them to execute on them.

If you don’t have a group that you believe can still perform in your absence, then you’ve got bigger problems

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Not at all15%


A fair amount16%