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Christopher Mixter

Christopher Mixter

VP, Research
Chris Mixter is a Research Vice President, specializing in case studies of practices from the world's most progressive cybersecurity and IT executives. Chris is a regular keynote, breakout and workshop facilitator at Gartner events around the world.

Chris has more than 15 years of experience advising CISOs, CIOs and heads of global IT Infrastructure. He specializes in maturing the executive and functional leadership performance of cybersecurity and IT leaders, with deep expertise in operating models, talent, culture, and how to effectively influence the full ecosystem of cybersecurity & IT leader stakeholders.

Chris joined Gartner in 2017 via Gartner's acquisition of CEB, where he worked in research, sales and advisory roles for 16 years. He lives in Arlington VA with his wife, son, daughter, and a Border Collie who knows things.
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Tuesday, 28 March, 2023 / 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM AEDT
Drive Cybersecurity Investments With Gartner's Outcome-Driven Metrics

CISOs seeking to explain and advocate for cybersecurity investment must use outcome-driven metrics. Gartner has defined 16 protection-level outcomes that create a foundation for effective collaboration with Boards of Directors, CIOs and CFOs. These metrics serve as value levers to manage business-led cybersecurity investments. The goal is to achieve a desired level of cybersecurity readiness that aligns with the organization’s willingness to pay for it.

Wednesday, 29 March, 2023 / 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM AEDT
CISO Circle: Research Discussion: The CISO’s Guide to Cyber Risk Quantification

In this interactive discussion, exclusively for CISO circle participants, you'll network with peers on their cyber risk quantification efforts and discover how to use CRQ to influence business decision making. This session will feature a deep dive into Verizon's CRQ practice, which delivers a trustworthy and empowering guide to risk owners without major investment in new data and skills.

Wednesday, 29 March, 2023 / 03:45 PM - 04:15 PM AEDT
Employees Don't Need More Awareness, They Need Cyber Judgment!

As "citizen development" moves into the mainstream (50% of employees now acquire, adapt or create technology for work), traditional awareness programs focused on 'what not to do' fail in the face of the workforce's "need to do." High-performing cybersecurity functions are pivoting from mere awareness training to building competencies in the broader workforce so that all employees can independently make cyber-risk-informed decisions.

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