Shaping a More Successful Future

2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Integrity is at the core of all that we do

It is a commitment to the highest ethical standards and doing the right things. This means striving to not only be a great company, but also to be a good company. Learn how we're creating a more successful future for our associates, our clients and our world through our approach to corporate responsibility.

Practicing strong governance

Gartner is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance, risk management and data protection practices, and adherence to our code of conduct. Our associates, leaders across the Gartner organization and our Board of Directors embrace the Code of Conduct because it protects and advances our greatest assets: Our people and our brand.

Putting our people first

Our people represent our largest investment and our most valuable asset. Our formula is simple: Attract the best talent, empower associates to reach their full potential and foster a positive, inclusive environment where they can thrive. The results? Exceptional associate experiences and success for our organization.

Managing our environmental impact

We strive to minimize our environmental impact and position sustainability as a key factor in decision making. As a service company, our most significant opportunities lie in making strategic decisions around where we locate our offices, how we design and build out interiors, how we operate day to day and how we select vendors.

Empowering clients

As we help our clients shape a more successful future in an interconnected world, it’s increasingly clear that the definition of business success must extend beyond growth. Fulfilling our purpose now requires that we develop expertise and provide guidance in a broader context that includes factors like social justice and sustainability.

Learn how we’re helping tackle the world’s water crisis by creating a forum for change.

To fulfill our duty to our associates, clients, shareholders and the world, we have an imperative to consistently uphold the highest levels of integrity in everything we do.

Gene Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Weaving a rich global community

See how our associates give back to their communities and the causes most important to them.

Remote working fuels local giving

While our offices are closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, Gartner teams in the U.S. and U.K. continue to support their communities by donating food and medical supplies to local charities and those in need. Our local cafeterias are also donating unused goods to food banks and charity groups.

Supporting learning and job skill development in Cape Town, South Africa

We partnered with Iziko Lobomi Centre of Life in Cape Town to support socioeconomic development in South Africa. Over the past two years, we’ve provided resources to assist with operations and job-creation projects and supported a learning center for students.

Mentoring students and fostering career skills in Chicago, Illinois, USA

For the second year in a row, Gartner participated in Chicago Spark. This program connects 7th-grade students with Gartner volunteers in a 13-week partnership where they work together to complete a project related to their career aspirations. In 2019, Gartner sponsored 16 Spark mentees.