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Today’s disruptions - from the recent outbreak of COVID-19 to economic decline - have left human resources leaders assessing the impact on talent plans, employee productivity, and functional performance.

Get the latest virtual expert advice, analytics, peer-based learning and tools to navigate today’s disruptions. 


Future of Work Trends Post COVID-19

Gartner surveyed 400+ HR leaders and 300+ finance leaders, and spoke with over 4,000 employees and HR executives to identify the trends HR leaders are facing in their return to the workplace post COVID-19 and the long-term impact on the future of work. 

This guide details the nine emerging trends identified and what HR leaders can do to address them. 

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Gartner TalentNeuron™ provides the most comprehensive source of global talent demand and supply data, predictive analytics and real-time insight to help you build a winning talent strategy for any industry or function.  

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Successfully delivering on your top human resources priorities means making the right decisions in a complex and uncertain business environment. Our service team and experts provide you a variety of insights, tools and personalized guidance to help you focus your efforts, move quickly and confidently address emerging business challenges. 

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Sometimes, information alone isn’t enough. Our global team of more than 2,000 experts, researchers and advisors will equip you with the guidance you need to identify, evaluate and implement your HR and technology initiatives with accuracy and confidence.

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Don’t leave your success to chance. Rely on proven solutions based on the successful approaches of hundreds of HR organizations to save time and reduce uncertainty in the execution of your critical initiatives. 

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The right choices are those that are best informed. Prioritize your resources and solve problems effectively by framing your decisions upon robust data and analytics, in addition to a range of unique performance benchmarks and functional diagnostics.

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HR’s Role in Cost Reduction and Optimization

Every company faces times of uncertainty between phases of growth, peak and downturn. To effectively seize HR cost reduction opportunities without compromising business value, HR leaders should pursue cost optimization through both function-specific and enterprise wide programs.

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