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Supply chain leaders, build a resilient supply chain in a changing world

The expectations around the value supply chains deliver are accelerating amidst ongoing volatility, disruption, and gridlock. As impacts from the pandemic, global conflict, climate change and other factors continue, supply chain leaders must be prepared to mitigate risk and navigate uncertainly in an increasingly dynamic and challenging environment. 

As a chief supply chain officer (CSCO), your ability to respond and adapt has been tested. You have led through disruption and are now planning strategies for renewal and growth. You’re seeking new opportunities, capabilities and business models to build greater resilience and agility into your supply chain and set your organization up for the future.

Join us and think big, make bold moves and drive real impact within your organization. 

Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™
8 - 10 May 2023 | Orlando, FL
5 – 7 June 2023 | Barcelona, Spain 

Gartner Supply Chain Leaders Forum
5 – 7 May 2024 | Orlando, FL

Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit
30 – 31 October 2023 | London, U.K.
29 – 30 November 2023 | Phoenix, AZ

Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo

The premier gathering of trailblazers, thought leaders and industry experts pushing the boundaries of supply chain. Exclusive access to research-backed sessions, expert advice on your specific challenges and problem solving with peers through networking opportunities.
What's covered

Discover must-have insights, strategies and frameworks for chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) and supply chain leaders to think big, make bold moves and drive real impact within their organizations.

  • Track A: CSCO: Leadership and Vision
  • Track B: CSCO: Strategy and Execution
  • Track C: Supply Chain Planning
  • Track D: Sourcing and Procurement
  • Track E: Manufacturing
  • Track F: Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Track G: Quality
  • Track H: Technology
  • Industry Track A: Industrial Manufacturing and High-Tech
  • Industry Track B: Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Industry Track C: Retail and CPG
Who should attend

Explore how we help you address your top challenges:

CSCOs and Heads of Supply Chain

Foster innovation while delivering profitable business results.

Heads of Supply Chain Planning
Establish a more responsive, agile and cost-efficient supply chain by linking demand planning to supply planning and inventory management processes.

Heads of Sourcing and Procurement

Meet the challenge of continuous pressure to optimize costs while supporting increasing customer demands and agility.

Heads of Logistics and Distribution
Navigate and prepare for a changing landscape which will be crucial for organizations that want to navigate in the turns.

Heads of Manufacturing
Expert advice on how to measure and monitor to maximize your performance.

The most amazing thing about this conference is the ability to learn in-person with peers who are dealing with similar transformations. A perfect opportunity to benchmark, expedite our key initiatives and think bigger (and get excited!) about our future supply chain roadmap.

Harness Complexity, Power Your Supply Chain

At Gartner Supply Chain conferences, you get insights, strategies and frameworks to help you build sustainable and profitable supply chains for a dynamic and unpredictable world.

Supply chain leaders have the power to leverage their credibility, confidence and commitment to profitably deliver in times of unprecedented stress and volatility.

At the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2023 conference, we’ll explore big ideas and deliver actionable insights to help supply chain leaders:

  • Develop agile and resilient supply chain strategies.  

  • Mitigate risk and respond to disruption.

  • Pursue digital initiatives that drive business growth. 

  • Build talent for the future.

  • Prioritize technology investments to achieve objectives.

Explore the latest supply chain insights most relevant to your role

Drive growth, agility and strategic advantage

Whether you’re trying to innovate your supply chain operations, enable transformation or accelerate digital initiatives, Gartner helps industry leaders like yourself determine where to focus – from technology to leadership – to deliver commercial success.

Move beyond short-term cost management

You face pressure to optimize costs while supporting increasing customer demands and agility. To get there, learn how to leverage supplier capabilities to their maximum advantage without creating unnecessary risk.

Build a world-class, sustainable organization

Customers are more connected, informed, mobile — and demanding — than ever before. To compete effectively, you need to enhance your supply chain logistics capabilities and extend your networks.

Balance supply and demand to optimize delivery

To achieve supply chain planning excellence, demand planning alone isn't enough. Establish a more responsive, agile and cost-efficient supply chain by linking demand planning to supply planning and inventory management processes.

Top Trends for the Future of Supply Chain

A resilient and agile supply chain requires strong alignment between the CSCO and their C-suite peers. High-performing organizations view their CSCO as a strategic business partner. However, that’s not the case for most organizations.

To transform your supply chain into a strategic driver of value, focus on delivering customer value, securing scarce talent, meeting speed and sustainability expectations, and investing in leading-edge supply chain management practices that build resilience and agility.

Today’s leading CSCOs are following 4 key trends to transform their supply chain for competitive advantage and growth.

According to Gartner research, enabled customers are 2x as likely to repurchase, but only 23% of supply chains focus on enabling their customers.

Enterprises expect supply chains to drive top-line growth. CSCOs can impact strategic outcomes by shifting their focus from operational excellence to commercial innovation. Supply chains will need to develop and offer new and unique-to-the-supply-chain value to customers. This will include supply chain innovation on offerings and on efficient ways to deliver them to maintain profitability.

67% of CSCOs are accountable for environmental and social sustainability KPIs.

Supply chains have widely made progress on communicating the priority of focusing on purpose and impact, but high performers have made more progress in moving beyond building awareness toward investing and acting to realize sustainability. The key for all supply chains to make progress toward reinventing to achieve sustainability is moving beyond internal effectiveness to coordinating change across the end-to-end value chain.

95% of supply chain organizations experience the need to quickly react to changing conditions in the supply chain, driving the need for more decision-making automation.

Real-time decision making still offers an opportunity to create competitive advantage given relatively low levels of adoption and challenges many organizations have with legacy technology constraints. Real-time decision execution offers a significant opportunity for advantage now and in three to five years. Even though twice as many high performers versus lower performers have real-time execution today, it is still a very small number of supply chains.

The retention challenge in the supply chain workforce is real. As shown in our 2022 Global Labor Market Survey, approximately 20% of supply chain employees have demonstrated active job-seeking behavior over the last year.

CSCOs are not sitting idly by. To attract, retain and engage the talent that future supply chain strategy and planning demand, CSCOs must offer an EVP that moves beyond financial motivation to one that provides a flexible, purposeful day-to-day employee experience that creates a feeling for employees of being understood, autonomous, valued, invested and cared for.  

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