Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit

30 – 31 October 2023 | London, U.K.

Join an exclusive community of supply chain planning leaders

We are excited to introduce the inaugural Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit in Europe in 2023. Originally launched in North America in 2019, this expansion of Gartner supply chain conferences in Europe brings additional actionable insights to supply chain planning leaders in this region.

Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit is the premier destination for supply chain planning leaders, where you can discover how to deliver tangible outcomes in support of business objectives, and transform the planning function from within while harnessing emerging technologies to realize the value of supply chain planning as a competitive advantage and significant contributor to your organization’s bottom line.

Expert advice

Be the first to hear about emerging trends and the latest predictions. Leave with a solid action plan to elevate the visibility of supply chain planning to deliver value to the overall business.

Meaningful networking 

Interact with more than 600 of your supply chain planning peers to gain firsthand insight from those facing similar challenges to yours.

Real-world solutions

Explore the latest technologies changing the supply chain planning landscape. Meet face to face with knowledgeable representatives who can help you craft a solution for your planning needs.

The world of supply chain planning is more complex and volatile than ever. As the rate of change continues, embracing flexibility, agility and resiliency is a must. Attendees at the Supply Chain Planning Summit will learn firsthand how to address these challenges from Gartner’s extensive research, strategic advice and from their peers through opportunities to network and collaborate.

Lusi Zheng

Conference Chair and Senior Director, Advisory

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    Calling all supply chain planning leaders

    Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit offers attendees a one-sto shop to access research-backed sessions, get expert advice and solve problems with colleagues. The conference is designed to address the strategic needs of supply chain planning leaders.

    Measure maturity and advance your planning process
    • Build supply chain planning capacity and grow in maturity.
    • Deliver business benefits of improved profit, revenue, cash flow and customer service.
    • Advance from reporters of unit volume predictions to facilitators of intentional demand shaping.
    • Become more resilient and agile to demand changes and supply.
    Design, define and align your S&OP process
    • Bridge the gap between execution, planning and strategy.
    • Identify risks and opportunities that might impact the supply plan. 
    • Link S&OP and financial planning process to drive the right behaviors.
    • Integrate supply chain planning across the end-to-end supply chain.
    • Reduce costly reactive mode of operations in the short-term horizon. 
    Develop and orchestrate a demand-driven value network throughout your business in order to optimize costs and forecast accurately
    • Build a demand plan that optimizes the balance between market opportunity and supply network capability.
    • Create more accurate demand forecasts for a product or service. 
    • Increase your efficiency in producing and delivering products to the customer’s satisfaction.
    • Develop the business case for demand-planning process improvement to implement consensus demand planning.
    Explore the latest technologies that can help you effectively assess capability availability and manage an ever-growing network of indirect suppliers
    • Develop a high-level material planning process framework to build the right foundation for improving the material planning process.
    • Discover strategies to include material planning as a part of both execution and orchestration of the supply chain planning process.
    • Build strategies to prioritize your suppliers’ base built on materials risk management criteria 
    • Evaluate the strategic fit and the willingness of your key suppliers to collaborate. 

    Tracks at a Glance

    Access more than 40 hours of the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help supply chain planning leaders to establish a more resilient and agile supply chain planning process.
    Preview the tracks covered in North America in 2019, while we prepare the tracks for this year's conference. 

    Track A

    Strategy, Planning and Execution Alignment

    Robust and credible demand planning capabilities are the starting point of overall supply chain planning excellence. However, a demand plan alone is not enough. Put plans into action to establish a supply chain more responsive to future demand, with agility and cost-efficiency.

    Track B

    Supply Chain Planning

    Supply chain planning requires a sound foundation of capabilities in the core domains of product, demand and supply. This track explores how supply chain planning leaders can develop core planning processes that improve the quality of decision making and enable transformation.

    Track C

    Planning Technology

    This track helps supply chain planning leaders demystify emerging technologies and turn them into actionable tools and steps to transform supply chain planning from within, add value to the business, and help business leaders to meet their strategic goals.