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Business models change rapidly, requiring flexible and responsive supply chains. Many supply chain organizations can’t see the disruptions coming because information is fractured and disconnected. As a chief supply chain officer (CSCO), how do you cope with the pressure to foster innovation while delivering profitable business results?

The Gartner Supply Chain
Top 25

The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 presents annual research on the trends, capabilities and best practices of leading corporate supply chains. Supply chain leaders like you can apply lessons from these global, regional and industry leaders to innovate and improve your operations.

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Conducting a Supply Chain Scenario Planning Exercise

Explore how supply chain leaders can identify and prioritize critical driving forces. This four-step guide will help you execute your short-cycle projects and improve your strategic supply chain decision making.

Supply Chain Trends

Building an Agile Supply Chain

Digital business, scarcity and geopolitics are driving increased rates of change and raising the stakes for enterprises. These issues require supply chains to respond quickly to disruptions, align with evolving business models and continually adapt to new regulations. Designing strategy, leading development and providing a framework for governing the activities of the supply chain are fundamental to address these new challenges and seize new opportunities.

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