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Gartner equips supply chain leaders with global supply chain management strategies & solutions to respond to the next disruption and innovate for the future.

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Gartner Supply Chain Strategy Planning

Build Your 2023 Supply Chain Strategic Plan

70% of supply chain leaders have not aligned their supply chain strategy with operational execution. Gartner's Supply Chain Strategy Template, illustrates how the interconnected parts of an end-to-end supply chain interact.

Streamline your 2023 strategic planning process and mitigate future supply chain risks.

  • 3 action steps
  • Best practice example
  • Customizable tool

Experience Supply Chain conferences

Join your peers for the unveiling of the latest insights at Gartner conferences.

Client Success Stories

Examples of how Gartner helps with global supply chain management

Improve Processes with Gartner Supply Chain Score

Gartner Supply Chain Score helped the VP, Supply Chain at Milliken & Company with diagnosing the maturity of their sales and operations planning process to drive greater efficiency and improve prioritization in supply chain management.

Avoid Costs Through Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Gartner helped a CPG Manufacturer save $22 million in inventory costs by aligning supply chain technology with business processes.


Save Time on Supply Chain Transformation

Gartner helped a CPG Manufacturer accelerate its supply chain transformation initiative by executing best-practice supply chain segmentation.


Avoid Risks by Following Supply Chain Best Practice

Global supply chain management strategies & solutions from Gartner helped a chief supply chain officer with implementing a healthcare resiliency plan in-house.


Gartner webinars on global supply chain

Attend a free Gartner webinar on global supply chain management to hear from our experts and today’s leading supply chain practitioners how to mitigate supply shortage risks, lower supply chain costs and achieve sustainability targets.

Gartner delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams.

Drive stronger performance on your mission-critical priorities.