Supply Chain Awards

The Gartner Power of the Profession Awards

Celebrate the initiatives that create a supply chain impact

The Gartner Power of the Profession Awards are a community-led recognition of the most impactful supply chain initiatives every year.  

Selected exclusively by the supply chain community and a panel of top chief supply chain officers, these awards encourage the community to identify standout business and talent initiatives to advance the supply chain profession.

Submissions from the 2020 Power of the Profession Awards are automatically eligible for consideration in the 2020 Chainnovators Awards.

Announced! Power of the Profession Finalists

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After participating in these awards, I can see now why sharing stories across the industry lifts up the entire profession.

Donna Warton

General Manager, Devices Supply Chain, Microsoft

How the community celebrates the profession

Two major categories, with three subcategories each, focus on advancing the profession:

Supply Chain Breakthrough of the Year

  • Customer Innovation
  • Business Win
  • Social Impact

Talent Breakthrough of the Year

  • Talent Diversity
  • Talent Payback
  • Talent Partnership

Insights you can use

Gartner’s Power of the Profession Awards recognizes exemplar supply chain and talent breakthroughs that help to elevate the power of the supply chain profession.

2019 Talent Partnership and Top Talent Breakthrough of the Year

GE Appliances wins by leading a community to develop skilled manufacturing workers by articulating issues, identifying potential solutions and marshaling resources. The pipeline of community workers has grown considerably, and the program is well on its way to the goal of creating a better future for all.

2019 Business Win and Top Supply Chain Breakthrough of the Year 

Levi’s wins by developing a new operating model to address long lead times, missed sales and unproductive inventory. By using laser technology and rearranging design and production, it finishes jeans later in the process, reducing time to market and decreasing the environmental impact.

2019 Talent Diversity Champion of the Year

Microsoft wins by building a diverse workforce behind a mission to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” The program seeks out diversity, built relationships and invested time with students at diverse schools and created a culture to meet diverse needs.

2019 Talent Payback of the Year

Agilent Technologies wins through its OFS Academy, which instituted a supply chain learning and development program for nearly 3,000 employees in its manufacturing and supply chain. The program leaves no one behind, and among many results, has delivered top industry benchmarks for its employee survey.

2019 Social Impact of the Year

Dell wins through its 2020 Legacy of Good initiative, taking a leadership role in addressing global environmental sustainability challenges. It takes a circular approach, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using recyclable or compostable packaging and recovering used electronics.

2019 Customer or Patient Innovation of the Year

Merck wins by seeking to improve access to its critical vaccines worldwide, establishing a global organization dedicated to supplier development and performance management. This led to significant performance improvements in supplier shipments and disruptions.

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The informal aspects of the gatherings are some of the richest. You build relationships, you learn from other leaders, and really open your eyes and ears to different approaches out there.

Beth Ford

CEO and former Chief Operating Officer, Land O’Lakes Inc.

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