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As digitalization transforms business and creates challenges and opportunities for leaders across the C-suite management, IT leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to lead the business to digital success. Gartner’s expertise in technology, business and IT management uniquely equips us to be your trusted guide along your journey. Our strategic advice, trusted insights and practical tools will help you successfully deliver the projects that are crucial for accomplishing your most important business initiatives and give you a competitive advantage.

IT Research and Insights

Turn your employees into Cybersecurity assets

Cybercriminals have become experts at engineering sophisticated attacks by tricking employees into clicking on malicious links that initiate attacks. Currently, 85% of data breaches involve a human element.  Cyber risk is top-of-mind in boardrooms. This guide addresses three common challenges to building a defensible security awareness program that can help IT leaders effectively manage risk and turn employees into controls to detect and resist social engineering attacks.

Gain competitive advantage through better decision making

Effective decision making in today’s complex and disrupted business environments must be connected, contextual and continuous to drive good outcomes. Too many business decisions rely heavily on data and analytics models designed for the status quo. When the context changes, decision making can’t keep up. Business and IT leaders need to work together — each bringing their unique competencies to support the art and science of decision making. 

Use the top technology trends to drive innovation

This year's top strategic technology trends highlight those trends that will drive significant disruption and opportunity over the next five to 10 years. Selected for their transformative potential, this year’s trends fall into three themes: People centricity, location independence, and resilient delivery. IT leaders must decide what combination of these trends will drive the most innovation and strategy for their enterprise.

Seize the opportunity for digital business acceleration

CIOs have been trying for years to convince senior business leaders to modernize and take full advantage of technology. Now, many roadblocks have been removed, and the majority of boards are prioritizing these initiatives. 2021 will provide huge opportunities for CIOs to play a leading role in digital business acceleration.

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