Gartner Cybersecurity Business Value Benchmark

The Gartner Cybersecurity Business Value Benchmark provides cybersecurity leaders with the first standardized set of measurements to benchmark against peers, mitigate risk and facilitate business objectives.

The first standardized set of protection-level measurements

Transform cybersecurity measurement, reporting and investment

Start measuring protection levels

Outcome-driven metrics measure protection levels with the goal to achieve a desired level of cybersecurity readiness that aligns with the organization’s willingness to pay for it.

Articulate the business value of cybersecurity

Produce benchmarkable data that you can share with the board to engage in business-driven conversations around cybersecurity.

Secure more investments

Outcome-driven metrics are value levers that support direct investments to achieve desired levels of protection.

“Cybersecurity investment is broken. Measuring protection-level outcomes is the future, and the Cybersecurity Business Value Benchmark is the solution.”

Paul Proctor
Distinguished VP Analyst

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Cybersecurity as a business decision

Cybersecurity investment is broken

Cybersecurity is now the No. 1 spend item on the technology investment list. Yet, making defensible business investments in cybersecurity remains a challenge.

Investing in outcomes should be the focus

Cybersecurity investments should be based on specific business requirements, with a primary directive to balance the needs to protect with the needs to run the business.

Cybersecurity is a choice

You can spend money and be more protected, or save money and be less protected. The right amount of security is one that's defensible to your key stakeholders.

Protection-level agreements establish due care

When you join the Gartner ecosystem and measure the 16 metrics as we define them, you will be able to compare yourself to peers and create a standard of due care for security protection.

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