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Service and support leaders play a critical role in driving customer loyalty and retention

Customer service and support leaders must build modern strategies and invest in a range of evolving technologies to continue to deliver tailored, high-quality service experiences when and where customers need them, without breaking the bank to do so.

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Customer Service & Support Resources

Trends in Customer Service Technology

To help navigate the increasingly complex service technology landscape, we worked with nearly 250 customer service and support leaders worldwide to create an objective map of how organizations are adopting tools to augment their live and self-service channels, voice of the customer, infrastructure, customer engagement and employee engagement. The result is a multidimensional graphic known as the Service Technologies Bullseye. 

Customer Service & Support Research

Customer Service Trends

Make the shift from a live to a self-service dominant function

Gartner research finds that the more channels a company operates, the more contacts customers make to the service center. Despite the intention of simplifying service, more channel offerings create complex customer resolution journeys.

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