Improve the Effectiveness of Service Channels

Northwestern Mutual

An internal audit of customer contact channels revealed that 1% of Northwestern Mutual’s clients were calling to make payments over the phone, driving approximately 25% of payment processing costs. With Gartner's help, the team was able to increase capacity by 10 FTEs and see a cost savings of almost $1 million.

Mission-critical priority

The team realized that if they could successfully implement an “Intentional Omnichannel” strategy, and migrate 100% of clients to digital self-service, they could realize significant cost savings with low risk to the client experience.

How Gartner helped

Thanks to Gartner resources, the company helped to show this small group of customers how payments could be faster and easier for them. As a result, the VP was able to increase capacity by 10 FTEs and see a cost savings of almost $1 million.

Mission accomplished

With Gartner support, the VP was able to: 

  • Implement an "intentional omnichannel" program for managing payments
  • Develop an intentional change management strategy through use of Gartner insights
  • Reduced payment call volume by 55% by identifying web or automatic payments as a company preferred channel for accepting payments
  • Save nearly $260K by not mailing bills to policyholders

Financial Services

$31.1 Billion



Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Customer Service Leaders

At the heart of this change is our ability to challenge our traditional thinking to leverage new ways of working, while shifting capacity to drive other value added capabilities for policyowners and advancing our servicing strategy.

Jim LeMere

VP Service Capabilities & Enablement, Northwestern Mutual

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