Create an Effortless Customer Service Experience

The key to customer loyalty is an effortless customer service experience.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Customer service is a cornerstone of corporate strategies for better penetrating existing markets. Many organizations strive to exceed customers’ expectations for service. By providing  an exceptional customer service experience, organizations believe they can create loyal customers for life. The problem is that for all the money, time and effort spent, most organizations are not very good at dazzling customer service.

Drivers of Disloyalty - Repeat contracts, channel switching, transfers, repeating information, the "hassle factor", generic service, complex policies and processes

Effortless Customer Service Experience

You create loyal customers by helping them solve their problems. However, customer service interactions are nearly four times more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty.

Don’t try to drive customer loyalty by delighting customers — exceeding their expectations with above-and-beyond service. This strategy is difficult and costly; worse, it fails to deliver a proportionate increase in loyalty.

Building the business case for an effortless customer service experience. High vs Low effort measure of: repurchase of product or service, increase spend, negative word of mouth, and overall disloyalty.

Customer Service Experience Insights

We worked with over 125,000 B2B and B2C customers, 5,000 customer service
representatives and over 100 companies to understand what creates loyal customers. Instead of struggling to delight customers, create low-effort customer service experiences. An effortless customer service experience is the key to customer loyalty.

Customer effort is an excellent indicator of customer intent to repurchase and increase spending. To reduce customer effort, leading organizations measure customer effort, identify issues, prioritize customer service investments, create a low-effort environment, and manage self-service and multichannel service. 

Reps who provide low-effort customer service experience

Our research shows there are seven distinct customer service rep profiles. One type is better at naturally providing  a low-effort customer service experience. Find out what makes these seven profiles different and which one wins at providing low-effort service.

Make the shift from a live to a self-service-dominant function

Customer service leaders feel distinct pressure to meet customers’ expectations for digital service channels and keep pace with competitor’s service offerings. Learn how service leaders can improve the customer service experience while reducing live contact volume.

Customer Service and Support Leader Digest

Gartner created the Customer Service and Support Leader Digest for service leaders to have access to the latest nsights, advice and tools you need to address the mission-critical priorities. 

Improve digital and self-service effectiveness

Customer service and support leaders are tasked with reducing contact volumes rapidly during times of crisis. Gartner research identified tactics that service organizations can implement quickly to help lower operating costs without sacracing the customer service experience.

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Gartner Customer Service Experience Case Studies

There was a measurable return in what we were able to accomplish through our partnership with Gartner. We saw our first contact resolution rates rise significantly from 62% to 80%. We saw same-day resolution rise from 76% to 90%. We saw the speed to answer go down form six and a half minutes to less than one minute. We have been able to implement CSAT scores which have risen from roughly 93% to 98%, and our effort scores dropped four to five percentage points as well. And now we sit around 97% from a client effort perspective.

Matthew Hurst

Senior Director of Client Services, Cox Auto

How do we help contact centers to drive performance?

Matthew Hurst, Senior Director, Client Services for DealerTrack DMS shares how Gartner for Customer Service and Support leaders helped Cox Auto to improve resolution rates within their contact center while also driving down additional interactions and the number of inbound calls they received. Through his access to Gartner clients, Matthew was able to make significant culture changes within his contact center, improve the client experience and receive the support he needed to lead his function with confidence.

Gartner works with service and support leaders from over 400 organizations worldwide

This network enables us to deliver an unparalleled perspective on the trends, opportunities and best-practice solutions that are shaping customer service functions across regions and industries.