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Greater organizational complexity and fluctuating macroeconomic trends, combined with lower barriers to entry for smaller competitors, make sustaining growth increasingly challenging. Our insights, advice and tools help innovation and strategy leaders like you achieve your mission-critical priorities and position your organization for growth.

Resources for strategy leaders

Winning in the turns

When profitability forecasts are down and a recession is approaching, most companies try to simply weather the hardships. Gartner profiled the best practices of 60 companies that achieved simultaneous revenue and margin growth for the past 20 years.

These winning companies act boldly and maintain intense strategic focus during economic turns. As a result, their companies actually accelerate growth during turns.

Resources for R&D leaders

Build a culture of innovation

Driving innovation is more complex than ever as companies seek to innovate beyond products into services, ecosystems and business models. Simply building better products and services for customers is no longer sufficient. R&D leaders are expected to link ideas, information, technologies and services — all while maintaining a customer-first and business-first perspective. Gartner provides the insight, advice and tools to unlock innovation at your company. 

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