R&D Score

Use the Gartner R&D Score to measure the maturity of your function, prioritize areas of improvement and plot the function’s path to improvement in 29 activities across six functional objectives.

How R&D Score supports R&D leaders

Address your top challenges with Gartner R&D Score

Strategic planning

Understand how well your function is performing in its current state. Identify your R&D organization’s strengths and weaknesses to influence your strategic efforts.

Digital transformation

Support short-term and long-term planning by clearly identifying the next steps and associated resources. Define specific initiatives that reach across R&D, and define your path to the next level of maturity.

Resource allocation

Ensure alignment of strategy and resources with market opportunities and business needs. Build a fact-based case to drive informed discussions for resource investment and cross-functional planning.

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What you get

Customized report

Gain a detailed and comprehensive picture of the functional maturity of your R&D organization.

Expert guidance

Save time interpreting the report with a diagnostic results walk-through call with a Gartner expert to determine next steps for your organization.

Data-backed prioritization

Leverage fact-based prioritization guidance based on comparisons between organizational maturity and importance.

Interactive results platform

Explore your results on the Gartner Assessment Platform to compare custom segments of your data (e.g., by business unit or geography).

Drive stronger performance on your mission-critical priorities.