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Strategic Virtual Selling Framework

Chief sales officers (CSOs) are preparing for a more permanent shift to a virtual selling reality. In fact, CSOs expect 58% of the sales force will remain operating virtual by the end of 2021 (up from 24% working virtually prepandemic). The key to a more permanent shift toward virtual selling is a shift in enablement strategy.

Download the framework to discover immediate and longer-term actions to develop a virtual selling strategy.

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Sales Trends

Buyer enablement

Just as sales enablement helps sellers sell, buyer enablement helps buyers buy by providing them with prescriptive advice and practical support to make the buying process easier to navigate and complete.

Suppliers who can provide them with that information will be rewarded. Gartner research shows that customers are three times more likely to buy a bigger deal with less regret when suppliers provide information perceived as helpful in advancing the purchase process.

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