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49% of sales leaders believe: accelerating early pipeline and lead generation/management efforts are most critical to the success of their organization over the next six months

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Revenue growth is rarely easy. CSOs continuously deal with increasing sales complexity and expanding customer and CEO expectations. These challenges are compounded by the once-in-a-lifetime disruption created by COVID-19. In this environment, it is no surprise that only 6% of CSOs say they are extremely confident about their team’s ability to meet or exceed revenue goals. Download the 2021 Strategic Roadmap for Accelerating Revenue Growth.

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Buyer enablement

Just as sales enablement helps sellers sell, buyer enablement helps buyers buy by providing them with prescriptive advice and practical support to make the buying process easier to navigate and complete.

Suppliers who can provide them with that information will be rewarded. Gartner research shows that customers are three times more likely to buy a bigger deal with less regret when suppliers provide information perceived as helpful in advancing the purchase process.

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