Seller Time Spend Assessment

Get a holistic analysis of how your direct quota-bearing sellers manage their time throughout the sales process. Use this diagnostic to identify opportunities for increased sales force efficiency as well as to understand and evaluate how your best sellers approach sales activities, leverage technology and apply other support tools to replicate these behaviors with your core performers.

Frontline sales leaders can use the Gartner Seller Time Spend Assessment to:

Measure sales productivity across six process areas

Sales planning

The set of activities aimed at organizing and providing direction to sales efforts, such as prioritizing leads, territory planning, opportunity planning, business priorities, setting timelines and calibrating sales plans


Early sales funnel activities including lead generation, lead qualification and initial customer outreach

Customer meeting preparation

The set of activities aimed at preparing for customer conversations, such as gathering necessary sales collateral, aligning internal stakeholders, researching key customer stakeholders and preparing meeting logistics

Conducting sales calls

The set of activities that comprise a typical sales call, such as demonstrating product/solutions, handling customer objections, summarizing conversation and setting next best actions

Deal negotiation and closing

Pricing discussions that involve price quote calculations, preparation for negotiations, engaging with different buyer roles and seeking approvals (e.g., from your financial and/or legal teams)

Nonselling activities

Internal activities, such as participating in learning and development sessions, travel, reporting and analysis, and other internal meetings

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What you get

Measures 56 activities spanning across the sales process

Assess seller time spent on critical sales process activities, and get insight into seller perceptions of the sales process within your organization.

Ongoing access

Retain a historical perspective with repeat participation, and monitor trends with updated benchmarking.

A customized analysis of your sales organization

Choose how to slice your data, review role design and see how sellers spend time based on sales scope and responsibilities. Benchmark your sales force against peers and competitors.

Action planning with an expert

Our advisory services help you analyze and interpret results to identify strengths, opportunities and next steps, informed by more than a decade of sales performance research.

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