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Emergence of a new way of working has changed how businesses across the globe are delivering on customer value. To meet their customers wherever they are, IT infrastructure, IT operations and cloud leaders must embrace agility and enable scalable, secure and resilient platforms that empower anytime, anywhere workplaces.

Join us to get answers supported by objective topic coverage and a look at the top trends. Gain clarity to create an effective pathway to the future.

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference
20 – 21 November 2023 | London, U.K.
5 – 7 December 2023 | Las Vegas, NV
12 – 13 December 2023 | Tokyo, Japan
20 – 21 May 2024 | Sydney, Australia

Gartner 2022 Keynote Replay: I&O Forward — Leading the Next Phase of Growth

Infrastructure and operations face stresses from inside and out. Dramatic global shifts and talent shortages intensify the ever-present need to accelerate innovation. I&O leaders must rewrite their future and set their sights on a new horizon. Learn how to leverage intelligent automation, embrace platform engineering, deploy multicloud operations and intertwine I&O throughout your organizational fabric.

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

Find the tools, technologies and techniques necessary to deliver the agility and cost optimization your organization demands now.
What's covered at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Summit 

Get insight into the technologies and trends shaping the future.

Explore what we covered at last year's conference. 

2022 conference tracks: 

  • Track A. Disruptive Practices, Trends and Technologies
  • Track B. Cloud Cookbook
  • Track C. Platform Engineering
  • Track D. Operations: Centralized, Distributed, Cloud
  • Track E. Integrating Edge
  • Track F. Enabling Security
  • Track G. Skills, Organization and Leadership
  • Track H. Optimizing Costs and Value

Spotlight Tracks: 

  • Infrastructure Agility
  • Cloud Journey
  • Sustainability
  • Midsize Enterprise
  • Technical Insights
  • Senior Leadership Circle
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management (SPVM)
Who should attend the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Summit

IT executives develop the tools to align the overall IT strategy with that of the business and get the most out of existing infrastructure while moving toward a digital future.

IT infrastructure leaders get deeper insights into striking the optimal balance of on-premises and public cloud, as well as cost optimization techniques and creating an infrastructure that supports an agile environment.

Cloud leaders understand the impact of new services and providers on I&O teams and processes, as well as which cloud management, infrastructure and operations automation capabilities and organizational models are necessary for enabling digital business.

IT operations leaders understand the importance of people and culture with DevOps transformation and will learn how to embrace emerging trends that will help to enhance business value.

I attended the Gartner IOCS conference because it is the only event that provides me with the tools and inspiration to be a change leader within my organization.

Scott W. Riley

Senior Systems Engineer, Spectrum Health

Gartner cloud conferences give you the advice you need to transform the anywhere business

Our team of Gartner experts provides actionable insights to help you discover everything you need to succeed in your expanding role, embrace agility to maximize efficiencies with cost optimization and navigate the rapidly shifting technology vendor landscape. Connect with and learn from your senior leadership peers, build a winning strategy and staff the right team to make it real. 

Explore your most critical priorities alongside our experts:

  • Delivering products and services instead of projects
  • Developing stronger real-time relationships with your stakeholders and management
  • Leveraging agile practices and technologies to deliver faster, reliable, and safer products and services
  • Linking IT products and services to business outcomes
  • Linking your initiatives to customer value improvements
  • Prioritizing skills and talent management for versatility and growth
  • Rethinking the overall operating model to support new work modes
  • Understanding and leveraging emerging trends to add value to an infrastructure and operations (I&O) strategy
  • Using hybrid, distributed cloud infrastructure to deliver products and services anywhere.

Dive into our latest research to start developing a cloud strategy that delivers the business outcomes you need to be successful. 

Rapidly respond to changing business needs 

Foster the competencies, practices and technologies required to sustain successful business results, and understand how cloud strategies effect existing service continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

Lead the transformation

Understand the impact of cloud and edge services and how they integrate into existing IT infrastructures. Discover the latest cloud computing technologies and trends that will enable digital business.

Infrastructure-Led Innovation to Drive Digital Business Growth

The rapidly evolving business landscape has increased infrastructure and operations visibility, and I&O leaders must build on infrastructure-led disruption to define their roles and secure I&O’s future. Here are the five pertinent questions for I&O leaders to address.

Infrastructure-led innovation is an I&O strategy that helps stakeholders overcome business challenges and enable business growth using infrastructure technology, operational practice and embedded service investments that enhance customer experiences and solutions.

According to Gartner surveys, innovation continues to be a top technology-related business priority for CEOs. An infrastructure-led innovation strategy enables I&O leaders to focus their organizations on accelerating digital business.

I&O leaders can create an innovation-driven identity for I&O, which can orient them more toward strategic planning, decision making and talent motivation.

This type of strategy creates a multidimensional role for I&O leaders focused on relationship building, creativity, business acumen and technical expertise, and delivers compelling business cases for new organizational offerings. A trailblazer mindset can make I&O an essential source of innovation for the overall organization.

I&O leaders shouldn’t see infrastructure-led innovation merely as a rebranding exercise for internal improvements. A good infrastructure-led innovation strategy should gain the trust of stakeholders outside I&O, and encourage them to invest resources in the strategy.

Infrastructure-led innovation should ideally introduce cloud technology solutions in areas like cloud security, provide new employee experiences for the staff outside I&O, and enable product teams to change how they develop, test and deploy new capabilities.

I&O leaders must change the way they invest their time and energy. Traditionally, they focus primarily on internal improvements, but the scope of infrastructure-led innovation goes beyond that, and digital business demands more from I&O.

I&O leaders should measure the amount of time they invest in internal improvements versus infrastructure-led innovation. Invest in automation, artificial intelligence capabilities and cloud adoption to reduce the effort that goes into I&O and reallocate resources to infrastructure-led innovation.

I&O leaders should strengthen these three capabilities: 

  • Delivering portfolio value
  • Building stakeholder intimacy
  • Cultivating motility — I&O’s ability to reposition itself for the future

I&O can develop valuable offerings only if it knows what the stakeholders want. It should market, deliver and communicate the value that its stakeholders recognize; otherwise, it will be sidelined in favor of others that do. Moreover, I&O should be agile enough to change its culture and adapt to the evolving needs of stakeholders, or it will become irrelevant.

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