Future Oriented 2030: Move to the new era

Towards 2030, technology will evolve further. In the future, we can divide into companies that can make use of technology and companies that do not. In the former case, the competitive advantage is further increased, and in the latter case the company itself may be disrupted. With the dawn of a new era in front of you, the leaders and staff need to draw a new world, not the extension of the past. In addition, it is necessary to accelerate the acquisition of ability to execute including new skill, mind, style and culture for the vision.


In this conference, we will present strategies, actions and advices to future oriented business and technology leaders based on current situation and future direction.

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The comprehensive tracks will down down on the hottest I&O topics.

Track A
Digital Business Strategies
Digital is not optional and now becomes a compelling business requirement. After 2020, digital disruption will be gaining incremental momentum to the reality and will affect significantly on enterprise survival itself. In this track, we propose the digital strategies the enterprises or business leaders/digital leaders should take in drastically-changing technology and business environments. 
Track B
Cloud Strategies and Futures
As cloud computing enters its second decade, it is becoming a vehicle for much of what is described as the future of IT. In this track, we will consider how to formulate your cloud strategy based on the rapidly changing cloud computing.
Track C
Evolving IT Operations and DevOps
I&O leaders must redefine the mission of IT operations to propel digital, however this change will not be easy. This track focuses on the infrastructure and operational processes and technologies and how IT operations leaders and teams must do.
Track D
Innovation and Emerging Trends in Digital Infrastructure
To succeed in the digital era, I&O leaders must be willing to embark on “creative destruction” — fundamentally rethinking the technology architecture, processes and people required for next-generation workloads, understanding new trends and technologies that could significantly benefit IT and the business. This track will focus on the exploratory and potentially transformative decisions I&O leaders will take and how best to find the balance between ensuring operational stability and tapping into emerging trends.
Track E
Digital Workplace and Culture Transformation
Today, every business in every industry is becoming a digital business. It requires today’s organizations to reassess how their greatest asset — their employees — work and collaborate. Now, it’s time for Japanese enterprises to change not only their skill set, mind set and work style but also their culture. In this track, we show how to accelerate workforce productivity and agility through technology, techniques to raise employee engagement and consumer-oriented styles for a successful digital workplace.

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