Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

15 – 16 May 2023 | Sydney, Australia

Transform Infrastructure and Operations to Empower the Anywhere Business

At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2022 attendees focused on how to embrace change and serve evolving enterprise needs through optimizing workloads, maximizing efficiency, and building resilient systems and teams. 

At the conference, the top 5 priorities that infrastructure & operations leaders met on included:

  1. Anywhere infrastructures
  2. Disruptive technologies and trends
  3. I&O automation
  4. Leadership
  5. Cloud & Edge Computing

We hope you enjoyed the virtual 2022 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference! If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference.

The program for the 2023 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference is underway and we look forward to sharing details soon!


Learn how to leverage the trends, technologies and organizational shifts changing the course of IT infrastructure, operations and cloud.


Develop the tools you need to achieve your mission-critical priorities and help your organization thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Leading solutions

Staying competitive means remaining future-focused. Explore the latest technologies that are changing the infrastructure, operations and cloud landscape. 

I&O leaders today have competing goals — keeping the proverbial lights on while enabling the business to react to market changes quickly and adopt new technologies or services. We are looking forward to hosting you again at the upcoming Gartner Infrastructure Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference, where you will get the chance to hear from industry experts, network with senior leaders, and learn how to meet the demands and rapid changes of today’s anywhere business.

Padraig Byrne

Conference Chair and Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

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    Join a community of IT infrastructure, operations and cloud leaders

    Attendees learned to prepare their organization for the future of cloud, IT infrastructure and operations based on unbiased research, data you can trust and insights needed to take your strategy to the next level.

    Rapidly respond to changing business needs
    • Balance the need to innovate while “keeping the lights on.”
    • Become an effective partner with business executives; shift from “order taker” to “trusted advisor.”
    • Overcome the barriers of organizational culture, resources and talent to grow and scale your digital initiatives.
    • Drive cost optimization to fund digital transformation initiatives.
    Improve service and support agility
    • Get the latest tools and methodologies for agile and rapid development.
    • Deliver a user experience that customers and employees will embrace.
    • Develop mobile apps that transform business processes and deliver exceptional user experiences.
    Engage and inspire today’s workforce
    • Embrace emerging trends to enhance business value.
    • Learn how to approach DevOps.
    • Understand the importance of people and culture with DevOps transformation.
    • Discover how to approach bimodal from a strategy perspective.
    Lead the transformation
    • Understand the impact of cloud and edge services.
    • Learn how cloud can integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.
    • Discover the latest cloud computing technologies and trends that will enable digital business.

    2022 Tracks at a Glance

    Attendees had access to 5 tracks designed to help infrastructure, operations and cloud leaders meet the demands of the anywhere business.

    Track A

    Disruptive Technologies and Trends

    Disruptive trends and technologies are challenging for incumbent enterprises. This track explores the balance between ensuring operational stability and tapping into emerging trends and technologies.

    Track B

    Cloud Migration Strategies

    This track explores concerns about how best to balance between cloud computing as “the answer” and cloud computing as one of many options for IT to support the business.

    Track C

    Cloud and Operations Management

    Modern, cloud-based applications and infrastructure are creating a management nightmare. This track is focused on approaches to manage workloads and operations based on the concepts of systems observability.

    Track D

    Delivering the Right Workloads — Anywhere

    This track focuses on the infrastructure and operational processes, technologies and human capabilities that enable rapid development and delivery of workloads and applications for the business.

    Track E

    Staffing and Leadership

    Leadership matters now more than ever. This track focuses on the need for essentialism in leadership today, while tapping into new key roles across the organization.