Attendees heard from industry experts and thought leaders on new approaches & trends in I&O and cloud at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2023 in Sydney, Australia.

Prepare to be inspired by I&O speakers and Gartner experts at this must-attend conference

Our guest keynote speakers, experienced practitioners, and unbiased Gartner experts help attendees expand their thinking and discover new approaches to make smarter business decisions.

While we prepare the 2024 lineup, please take a look back at some of our guest keynote speakers, experienced practitioners, and Gartner experts who provided unbiased and trustworthy advice that helped in making the right business decisions in 2023.


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List of Gartner experts

At the conference, you’ll hear straight from the Gartner experts behind the research.

Richard Addiscott

Sr Director Analyst

Manjunath Bhat

VP Analyst

Karen Brown

Director Analyst

Padraig Byrne

Sr Director Analyst

Tom Cipolla

Sr Director Analyst

Mark Cleary

Sr Director Analyst

Paul Delory

VP Analyst

Luke Ellery

VP Analyst

Hassan Ennaciri

Sr Director Analyst

Tony Harvey

Sr Director Analyst

Nathan Hill

Distinguished VP Analyst

Andrew Holcombe

Executive Partner, Domains

Neha Kumar

Sr Director, Advisory

Bjarne Munch

Sr Principal Analyst

Jo Ann Rosenberger

Distinguished VP, Advisory

Chris Saunderson

Sr Director Analyst

Autumn Stanish

Sr Principal Analyst

Alan Waite

Managing Vice President

Michael Warrilow

VP Analyst

Adrian Wong

Sr Principal Analyst