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CIOs and IT leaders need to exhibit adaptability and resilience, especially during times of disruption. The current COVID-19 pandemic isn’t your usual business disruption. Traditional disruptions like cyberattacks or natural disasters carry a clear time cycle, often ending in 24 to 48 hours before shifting to mitigation. Pandemics, similar to port strikes, can last weeks or even months, and require an extra set of activities that span all business operations. CIOs and senior IT leaders in all industries are being forced to make extremely fast decisions with high levels of uncertainty.

Join us to hear from independent experts on what matters most now and how to prepare for the new normal.

Gartner CIO Leadership Forum
11 - 12 May 2021 | APAC | Virtual 

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™
18 – 21 October 2021 | Orlando, FL
25 – 27 October 2021 | Sydney, Australia
8 – 11 November 2021 | Barcelona, Spain

16 – 18 Nov 2021 | Tokyo, Japan
30 November – 2 December 2021 | Kochi, India

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

Explore the technology, insights and latest trends shaping the future of IT and business. Hone your leadership skills, refine your strategies and find the innovative technologies that will help to power your digital transformation.
Who attended

Take a look at CIOs and IT executives who attended the conference 

Chief Information Officers/Chief Technology Officers
Learn to create a resilient IT organization through the right mix of strategy, technology and talent.

Chief Data Officers/Data and Analytics Leaders
Get guidance on innovative data and analytics strategies that drive new sources of revenue and value the organization’s information assets while fitting into your organization’s overall strategy.

CISOs/Chief Risk Officers/Senior Security and Risk Leaders
Get insights on transforming security programs to meet a new world of privacy, ethics and security challenges. Understand the technical and business aspects of information security risk and communicate those risks in a language business understands.

Senior I&O Leaders
Learn to build operational excellence to deliver reliable existing systems while navigating the changes needed to move forward — from legacy to cloud.

Senior Application Leaders
Gain insights on how to modernize application and platform design and execution. Understand the impact and potential of emerging technologies on your IT strategies and how they will advance business priorities.

What was covered

Attendees had access to over 100 sessions of the latest Gartner research, specifically designed to cover challenges most critical to CIOs and their leadership teams.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Data and Analytics
  • Cloud, Infrastructure and Operations
  • Customer and Employee Experience
  • Cybersecurity and Risk Management
  • Innovation and Emerging Technologies
  • Leadership and Business Transformation
  • Operational Excellence and Operating Models
  • Privacy and Ethics in a Disrupted Society
  • Rebuilding After Crisis
  • Smarter Spending
  • Strategic Planning and Execution Talent
  • Culture and The Future of Work

The only place where I found cross-industry experts from different organizations and connected with leaders in retail and transportation facing similar challenges. Felt great to communicate with them.

2019 attendee

SVP of IT, CIO, PetSmart

At Gartner CIO conferences, you’ll find objective insights, strategic advice and practical tools to help you achieve your most critical priorities:

Gartner provides CIOs and senior IT leaders with today’s must-have research, expert advice and tools, and frequent updates on all aspects of leadership, technology and business strategy. At Gartner, we’re working to deliver you the highest-quality, most relevant CIO conferences. The safety of our attendees, clients and staff is our No. 1 priority. Until we’re confident we can provide a safe environment for all attendees and staff, the Gartner CIO Conferences team will guide your organization into the future, providing strategies, advice, and real stories of business model change, resilience and restoration.

To that end, we’ve pulled together content that we hope provides answers to your most pressing questions. Below you’ll find Gartner research, articles, webinars, Q&As with Gartner experts and much more. Make sure you check back frequently for updates on the changing IT landscape and Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2020.

Find content aligned to your roles below

Set the mission and vision of the IT organization

Today’s CIOs have to overcome the barriers of organizational culture, resources and talent to grow and scale your digital initiatives. Gartner is here to help provide expert guidance in this era of uncertainty. 

Build agile architectures armed with applications

Today’s application leaders face challenges on every front. From leveraging emerging technologies to legacy optimization, you must do it all. Ensure you have the practical insights you need to guide the organization into the next decade of digital transformation.

Lead the development of the I&O strategy roadmap

IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have to deal with conflicting priorities of keeping the systems running to support the business while embracing emerging trends to enable the business and provide a faster, more agile set of services. We share tips to modernize operations across on-premises, cloud and edge environments, and the latest thinking on IT service management and AIOps.

Lead strategy of data and analytics products

Data and analytics are modernizing worldwide, and as D&A leaders, you must be vigilant about how to optimize the process by using the best technology available. Gartner will help you to strike the right balance and create successful data and analytics strategies. 

Take a look inside Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

Get a preview of the highly anticipated Gartner Top 10 strategic trends with this snippet from a Gartner keynote with Distinguished VP Analyst, Daryl Plummer.

The Value of Gartner Event Sponsorship

Leading Business Transformation Through COVID-19

Despite the disruption caused by pandemic, recession and social upheaval, boards of directors have made the acceleration of digital business their top priority.

Disruptions caused by the pandemic have forced organizations to implement new operating models to accommodate near-term challenges such as work from home and facility closures. The big question now is which changes are lasting and which are temporary. There is a high level of uncertainty.

Technology competencies in non-IT workers are increasing, creating new opportunities to co-create solutions that address needs and capture new opportunities. It is time for IT to embrace this trend.

Understanding business priorities and applying value disciplines to inform management and execution are foundational to the transition to digital business.

Ecosystem participation is a key opportunity and that can take different forms — providing or co-creating an ecosystem and selling or buying through one. An ecosystem creates value by supporting business models that enable participants to achieve performance superior to businesses that operate independently. Likewise, ecosystems enable public-sector agencies to gain efficiency dividends and deliver a superior citizen experience.

The magnitude and velocity of the growth of the pandemic, recession and social upheaval have surpassed the ability of industrial-era institutions and organizations to meet the challenges placed in front of them. Executives will find the need to vastly improve their own company’s ability to respond to these types of exponential threats.

Pandemic response has accelerated digital business, but the changes in many organizations have been reactive and unplanned. It is time for IT leaders to take a step back and reevaluate strategic plans and directions.

Market dynamics are shifting significantly as enterprises face challenges serving core constituencies such as students, patients, citizens and customers. IT must play a key role in addressing these challenges. The effectiveness and relevance of many institutions and enterprises is now dependent on IT. The time to change is now. Waiting until “things get better” or “this blows over” is not a good tactic.

Perhaps the biggest mistake organizations make regarding business transformation is to assume the effort is all about technology, when actually it is about culture and business. There is a growing realization among our clients that digital business transformation is more than a matter of technology. It must entail business model transformation as well. It can be difficult for CIOs to amass support for this level of change. They need to partner with executives to create a shared vision for transformation.

Many organizations, challenged by the sheer magnitude of a transformation, operate incrementally to optimize their business, which can yield helpful and even significant short-term results. There are a lot of lessons to learn from organizations that have embarked on transformation initiatives, even if they are not in your industry.

Many companies are investing their attention to digitally improving their internal operations to reduce their operating costs with new designs of their business. This includes asset-intensive industries like mining and utilities.

One of the trends we are observing is the creation of alternative structures to pursue digital business transformation. This frees up part of the organization to push the boundaries on how digital business shifts markets and enables new value propositions.

Also, there are transformations to core operations and business processes that need to happen. Again, productive internal partnerships with leaders beyond IT is critical.

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