Gartner CIO Leadership Forum

6 – 7 July 2022 | Japan | Virtual

Beyond IT: Digital Leadership for Continuous Disruption

As a CIO in a world of continual disruption, you now have the opportunity and are expected to lead at the highest level within your organization. The days of focusing solely on managing technology are over. As a digital leader, you are essential to influencing strategic decisions directly with your CEO, board and the entire C-suite. Without you, there is no digital future.

Now is the time to build the modern digital foundation that champions digital dexterity. Reach beyond your IT team to support business technologists everywhere in your enterprise. Seize this moment to lead, collaborate and fulfill the promise of innovation for your organization.

Join us at Gartner CIO Leadership Forum 2022 to connect with Gartner experts and your CIO peers to tackle your toughest challenges. This is your time to be bold and become the leader you were meant to be.

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CIO critical priorities

Access detailed plans, diagnostics and tools to help support your most critical priorities.

Hands-on learning

CIOs and Gartner experts participate in interactive and engaging sessions to tackle challenges facing today’s CIOs.

Peer-to-peer problem solving

Collaborate with fellow CIOs to exchange ideas and share advice to execute on your key initiatives with confidence.

Composable enterprises are reaping the rewards of high business growth despite continued disruption, which has become the new normal in 2022. Discover how to prepare your organization for the future of work, and continue to accelerate digital business transformation.

Tsuneo Fujiwara

VP Analyst and Conference Chair

Exclusively for CIOs

An exclusive community of CIOs is designed to make connections and generate insights in a trusted and collaborative environment during the conference. 

Gartner CIO Leadership Forum is an exclusive conference for chief information officers. This means you are guaranteed a level of information exchange and peer interaction that is unrivaled. To ensure this commitment to our attendees, we ask that you verify your eligibility to attend.

Connect with CIOs across regions and industries, and gain new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of business transformation. Learn how to:
  • Work intimately with Gartner experts and your CIO peer group on the most critical enterprise priorities facing CIOs today in interactive and engaging formats
  • Develop effective strategies to balance people, processes and technology in an environment of constant flux
  • Explore actionable insights and practical solutions based on Gartner research and proven practices at leading organizations
  • Expand your sphere of influence and advocate for innovation with the C-suite and board of directors

Tracks at a Glance

Access the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help CIOs work alongside their C-suite peers to accelerate digital business models, enable the future of work, meet the needs of every customer and drive business growth. Each track has a particular area of focus to help you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization.

Track A

Innovative Strategies: Digital Business 2030

As a CIO in an era of ongoing disruption, your guidance on the creative application of new and emerging technologies is essential to business growth and competitive advantage. Learn what short- and long-term strategies lead you and your team to success in dynamic and uncertain times. In this track, we explore what it takes to create an effective and adaptable strategy.

Track B

Bold Leadership: Designing the Future of Work

The IT organization no longer owns all of IT. Today’s CIOs must develop cross-departmental teams of highly skilled individuals. You must find ways to attract scarce talent, build digital dexterity across the organization and overcome cultural resistance. It’s a task that’s part leadership, part inspiration, part organization. This track helps you reshape organizational structures and attitudes for greater agility, strengthen your teams with diversity and inclusion, and create a culture that is nourished and emboldened (not intimidated or overwhelmed) by change and innovation.

Track C

Force Multipliers: Enabling Distributed Digital Leadership

The dramatic growth in hyperautomation and other digital opportunities such as greater technical expertise across the enterprise, low-code development tools and development assisted by artificial intelligence are among the factors that enable the democratization of technology delivery beyond IT professionals. This track focuses on embracing distributed digital leadership through application of adaptive governance mechanisms and how to engage peers to co-create new ways of working that remove digital friction to speed business outcomes.