Sales Benchmarks and Diagnostic Tools

Identify strengths and gaps to develop a course of action and achieve your goals.



Gartner for Sales Leaders clients have access to peer benchmarking against data-backed metrics, customized reporting and segmentation, expert action planning to determine the best next steps, and ongoing access to retain a historical perspective and monitor trends with updated benchmarking. 

Gartner Sales Score

Gartner Sales Score is a customizable, comprehensive functional maturity assessment and prioritization tool. It objectively measures the importance and maturity of 40+ discrete activities across the entire sales organization, then analyzes the results to provide data-backed guidance on which activities should be prioritized for improvement.  It is commonly used to support sales leadership objectives, including strategic planning, functional transformation, and strategy execution. 

Learn more on how to assess your sales functional maturity.

Seller Skill Assessment

Do your sellers have the skills and tools necessary to succeed in this environment? Gartner Seller Skill Assessment is intended to help clients evaluate seller skills across a range of dimensions proven to drive commercial performance. It consists of three discrete modules that work in concert, Sales Execution, Account Management & Planning, and Virtual Selling.

Learn more about the Gartner Seller Skill Assessment.

Frontline Sales Manager Diagnostic

Are your managers pursuing the actions that make them the most effective? The Gartner Frontline Sales Manager Diagnostic uses manager and seller-facing surveys to evaluate overall sales manager effectiveness, providing a holistic view of how effectively your managers are pursuing the critical actions that drive commercial success among their teams. It is commonly used to determine where managers may need organizational support to ensure they excel in leading their teams to commercial success. 

Learn more about the Gartner Frontline Sales Manager Diagnostic.


Sales Enablement Budget & Efficiency Benchmark

The Gartner Sales Budget & Efficiency Benchmarking Survey will gauge your organization’s spending levels and associated headcounts so you can optimize investments to support long-term improvements for your function. It provides a detailed analysis of the cost of sales, sales budget, spend allocation, sales staffing, and compensation compared to your peers across various industries. It is commonly used to plan annual budgets and help with decisions around a restructure or redesign of the sales force.

Learn more about the Gartner Sales Enablement Budget and Efficiency Benchmark.

Seller Time Spend Assessment

The Seller Time Spend Assessment evaluates how and where your sellers are spending their time across the sales process. Sales leaders can use this diagnostic to understand how your best sellers approach sales activities, leverage technology, and apply other support tools to replicate these behaviors with your core performers.

Learn more about the Gartner Seller Time Spend Assessment. 

Sales Budget, Operations & Efficiency Benchmark

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