Empowering the Customer Service Rep

UGI Corporation

New-to-role Sr. Director of Customer Success at UGI Utilities, Inc., a subsidiary of UGI Corporation, was tasked with increasing customer service representative engagement. With Gartner support, the client was able to reduce turnover by half in comparison to the prior six months and strategize ways to better engage their employees. 

Mission-critical priority

The Sr. Director’s goal was to decrease employee turnover and invest in the company’s current workforce to improve operating expenses and meet KPIs.

How Gartner helped

Thanks to the Gartner Customer Service Rep Experience Survey, the client was able to gain detailed insight into representatives’ perspectives on coaching effectiveness, productivity and disengagement to improve customer service. The client also leveraged Gartner best practices to build a cohesive plan, which included a new approach to providing integrated coaching to supervisors and reps.

Business impact

With Gartner support, the Sr. Director:

  • Achieved an understanding of the employee voice and where their focus should be for the future.
  • Reduced employee turnover by half in comparison to the prior six months.
  • Discovered what areas of the business need additional coaching in order to increase engagement.
  • Continues to implement the survey every year to keep up with employee satisfaction and find areas of improvement.


$7 billion


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Customer Service & Support Leaders

Our turnover rate has been reduced; we have been able to cut our turnover rate by half over the last six months, which is really meaningful to us as an organization.

Becky Eshbach

Sr. Director, Customer Success/Support, Marketing, External Communications & Community Relations, UGI Corporation

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