Gartner CISO Effectiveness Diagnostic

The CISO Effectiveness Diagnostic benchmarks CISO leadership performance against a variety of mindsets and behaviors and provides personalized improvement opportunities.

Measure your effectiveness and identify actionable steps

Why leaders love the Gartner CISO Effectiveness Diagnostic

Measure your personal effectiveness

Benchmark your effectiveness in your role against peers from across industries and geographies.

Get personalized improvement opportunities

Discover immediate steps to enhance your performance, and benefit from personalized advice on how to better leverage areas of strength.

Receive expert advice

Schedule a walk-through with a Gartner service partner who can help you take action on identified priorities.

Become more effective in your role

A common indicator of success for a cybersecurity organization is the effectiveness and leadership of the CISO. Use this diagnostic to benchmark and understand how to be more successful in your role.

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Adopt these behaviors and mindsets to excel in your role

Executive influencers

Emphasize relationship-building with senior leadership across the enterprise outside of IT, particularly outside the context of projects.

Workforce architects

Track workforce performance and address skills gaps with creative talent management practices.

Future risk managers

Identify and manage proactively the future risks to the organization by informing decision makers about new security norms and technologies, and proactively securing the business use of AI.

Stress navigators

Manage personal stress by maintaining firm boundaries between work and private life, as well as focusing on the stressors within your control.

Drive stronger performance on your mission-critical priorities.