Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

13 – 14 February 2023 | Mumbai, India

Accelerating the Evolution of Security: Reframe and Simplify

Indian enterprises and governments have committed to a technology-driven future, making India one of the fastest-growing markets for digital technologies. This has also increased the exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks as businesses continue to progress toward being more digital in areas such as the workplace, which requires more security measures.

Join Gartner experts and your peers at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit and gain valuable insights into key strategic imperatives, such as establishing an agile security program; fostering a human-centric, security-conscious culture; devolving risk ownership; and establishing a new simplified cybersecurity mesh architecture. It will enable you to safeguard your organization, defend against your attackers and deliver business and citizen value.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Align security and risk management strategies with enterprise objectives
  • Gain the role-specific tools, strategies, and insights  to stay ahead of expanding scopes of responsibility and increasing threats
  • Assure compliance with new regulatory, compliance, privacy, and e-discovery requirements
  • Learn how to apply the latest techniques to tackle risks in the cloud, OT, IoT, and IT 
  • Re-evaluate your IAM infrastructure to identify opportunities for detecting compromise and immediately investigating and responding
  • Maximize enterprise ROI by using the latest business continuity and enterprise resilience practices
  • Look beyond traditional security monitoring, detection, and response approaches to managing a broader set of risks.

Learn more about networking opportunities and view the conference brochure.

Leadership and strategy

Advance your leadership skills and learn how to develop a security strategy for agility and resilience in uncertain times.


Unlock the potential of new and emerging technologies, and meet the providers changing the security and risk landscape.

Critical insights

Explore the latest trends in cloud security, privacy, threat management, infrastructure protection, application security, cybersecurity mesh and more. 

Whether driven by geopolitical uncertainty or a global health emergency, we have lived in near-constant turmoil for the past few years. At these times, working together as a community is necessary, and opportunities to meet, collaborate and validate the decisions we make are at their most important. We look forward to welcoming you to Gartner Security & Risk Summit! Together, we’ll explore the latest insights and recommendations, exchange new ideas and best practices, and help one another to develop resilience in the face of mounting change.

Nader Henein

VP Analyst

CISO Circle

The CISO Circle is an exclusive program within the overall agenda designed for chief information security officers (CISOs) and chief risk officers (CROs), to explore new strategies, share innovative ideas and grow their community of peers.

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    Join a global community of CISOs and security and risk leaders

    Whether you’re a chief information security officer (CISO) looking to improve your leadership skills, a security professional who needs practical advice to accelerate progress on your next initiative, or a business continuity management leader trying to implement resilience practices across the organization, you’ll find your program, peers and strategic partners at this conference. Explore networking opportunities.

    This conference is designed for:

    Define your strategy for agility and resilience in uncertain times
    • Effectively balance the increasing volume, variety and speed of security and risk decisions. 
    • Successfully communicate security risks, challenges and opportunities to senior executives.
    • Assess and transform security programs to become digital business enablers.
    • Prepare for continuous change in the technology and threat landscape.
    • Overcome the barriers of organizational culture, resources and talent to grow and scale your digital initiatives.
    Develop security programs to respond to emerging threats and advanced attacks
    • Balance real-world risks with business drivers, such as speed, agility, flexibility and performance.
    • Develop and maintain effective security governance across the organization.
    • Establish key metrics and indicators to measure the effectiveness of security programs.
    • Anticipate the emergence of advanced attacks that evade traditional security.
    Gain critical insights to measure and manage the impact of risk on digital business
    • Measure and manage the impact of risk on business performance.
    • Establish and maintain your organization’s overall IT risk management program.
    • Manage and oversee the monitoring of risk mitigation and coordination of policy and controls.
    • Implement practices that meet defined policies and standards for information risk management.
    • Determine acceptable levels of risk for the company as a whole and for various internal departments and organizations.
    • Benchmark risk management practices of other companies, understand industry best practices and monitor the legal and regulatory environment.
    Select and architect effective security and risk solutions
    • Understand how the characteristics of digital business impact security architecture practices.
    • Enable a tighter alignment between security and business.
    • Develop security architecture frameworks to address compliance demands and evolving IT.
    • Gain insight into the increasingly complex market for security and risk management technologies and services.
    Gain critical insights to sustain effective IAM programs to provide the right access to the right people
    • Improve capabilities and implement technologies to establish advanced threat detection and protection.
    • Strengthen privileged access management practices to prevent breaches.
    • Manage the acceleration of multifactor authentication deployments.
    • Meet changing customer needs with consumer identity and access management (IAM).
    Protect critical assets
    • Develop new best practices to secure new enterprise network edges.
    • Keep pace with the changing technology application landscape and evolving data protection regulations.
    • Balance the imperative to rapidly modernize applications with the requirement to protect them.
    • Respond to the challenges of securing sensitive data while expanding the use of cloud services.

    Tracks at a Glance

    Access over 50 sessions of the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help security and risk management leaders meet future demands. Each track has a particular area of focus to help you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization. View the conference brochure.

    Track A

    Cybersecurity Leadership

    Faced with a fragmented, interdependent world, cybersecurity leaders have less control over decisions around cyber risk than ever before. This track gives you practical guidance on managing security teams and stakeholders through the evolving threat landscape.

    Track B

    Infrastructure Security and Operations

    This track provides insights to the strategic direction of infrastructure security technology and is designed to help you ensure that security operations keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.

    Track C

    Application and Data Security

    Spanning the cycle from developers to customers, today’s leaders face a wide, diverse array of both risks and ways to manage, mitigate and respond to them. Sessions in this track provide practical, real-world guidance on achieving a more secure software development life cycle and data management program.

    Track D

    Cyber and IT Risk

    Owing to new challenges and lack of agility in program management, cybersecurity leaders struggle to mature their cyber and IT risk management practices beyond conducting assessments. This track highlights the latest trends and tools to help you improve automation and models.

    Spotlight Track

    Technical Insights for Security Practitioners

    Gartner for Technical Professionals research explores insights into the security best practices, methodologies and tools needed to ensure operational success. Sessions provide advice on architecting, implementing and operating security controls for the hybrid enterprise.

    CISO Circle*

    The CISO Circle*

    As the role evolves, CISOs must adapt to ensure that the organization can balance risk decisions with business goals. The CISO Circle provides targeted content, workshops and networking opportunities. Join us and form valuable connections with peers and Gartner experts. (*Application is required.)

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