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Featured Episode

How to Motivate Sellers Through the Downturn

September 20, 2022

New Gartner research reveals that 89% of sellers report suffering burnout, and current levels of seller attrition simply are not sustainable, but there are ways to boost and maintain seller motivation — even improve seller performance — despite economic pressures and other challenges that fall well outside sales leaders’ control.

In this episode — originally aired by our sister show,  “The Gartner Sales Podcast” — Doug Bushée, Senior Director Analyst covering the Gartner Sales Enablement Key Initiative, and Betsy Gregory-Hosler, a Senior Research Director for the Gartner Sales Research Practice, cover the latest findings from the Gartner Sales Motivation Survey with Alice Walmesley, a Director in Gartner’s Expert Advisory team who works closely with cross-industry sales leaders providing quantitative- and research-backed guidance in critical decision areas. Walmesley details the concept of seller “drag,” and why sales leaders should consider impacts on drag separately from seller drive, as well as ways to diagnose and treat ‘drag’ through a more holistic, organizational approach.

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