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Featured Episode

The Biggest Lessons and Insights From Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25

August 09, 2022

Maintaining current margins in profitability while also achieving targets for sustainability, speed and innovation often means the difference between success and lackluster performance. Supply chain leaders are increasingly required to make faster, more accurate decisions, in real time. Environmental, social and governance issues round out the many focal areas competing for leading CSCOs’ attention. What sets the world’s leading supply chain organizations apart from their competitors? 

In this episode, originally broadcast on The Gartner Supply Chain PodcastMike Griswold, a Research VP on the Gartner Consumer Value Chain team, and Caroline Chumakov, a Senior Principal Analyst on the Talent and Sustainability team, break down the four macro trends informing supply chain evolution, the rise of the “chief ecosystems officer” and key insights and takeaways for businesses of every size.

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