Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards

for Financial Services 2020

Finalists from financial services innovators have been selected

Get recognized by Gartner and industry peers

These annual Gartner awards recognize financial services companies for their innovative use of technology to drive best-in-class initiatives. All submissions are assessed by Gartner, and finalists are selected by benchmarking against world-class performance standards. Entry is open to any financial services end-user institutions (such as banks, insurers and investment management companies) that have implemented an innovative digital initiative, product or service during the past year. To get an experience of the Eye on Innovation Awards for Financial Services session click on the video on the right.

Innovation areas

There are no predefined submission categories. Innovation areas include: 

  • Innovative business models that allow financial services providers to develop new strategic value creation or profit models 
  • Innovative service or product offerings that improve the customer experience and support the digital strategy of financial services providers 
  • Innovative initiatives of financial services providers to increase operational efficiencies or save costs 
  • Innovative adoption of technologies that improve operations of financial services providers

Award finalists and winners

This year we will have a two-staged process to select the winners of the Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards for Financial Services 2020. We will run a series of virtual events immediately after the Gartner IT Symposium/ITxpo® 2020 virtual conferences where the chosen finalists will present their submissions. The schedule for these virtual events is:

  • Americas: Monday, Oct 26 Orlando, 11 - 11:45 am ET
  • APAC: Monday, November 2, 3-3:45 pm SGT / 5-5:45 pm AEST
  • EMEA: Monday, November 16, 2-2:45 pm CET

You can join any of these sessions by sending an e-mail to  We will then share the registration details with you. Two weeks prior to these regional sessions we will also open a web page where you can vote in advance for your favorite submissions.

See the list of 2020 finalists and winners below.

Recognition by industry peers

The identification of a Gartner Eye on Innovation Award for Financial Services 2020 finalist or winner is not an endorsement by Gartner of any vendor, product or service, but a recognition by industry peers for innovation excellence that inspires others.


You can find more information about the award process here.

Award Testimonials

“It has been a great experience to compete for a such important award with the most innovative projects in EMEA.”

Agustin Matey Sanz
Head of Customers, Digitalization and Products, Caser Seguros 2019 EMEA regional winner

“The objective evaluation of projects by expert analysts makes this award even more valuable to us. Listening to other innovative finalist companies and understanding how they transform their companies through technology and innovation give you serious vision.”

Kaan Konak
Head of IT Governance and Next Generation Technologies, Aksigorta 2019 EMEA winner

“Hearing from other organizations was inspiring, and all the stories further underscored how innovation has a positive impact on business.”

Jerrod Bowman
Second Vice President Claims Business Intelligence and Analytics, Travelers 2019 Americas Regional Winner

“It was such an honor and an extraordinary experience being able to present our innovative technologies with peers in our industry. It was an awesome, collaborative, and fun experience that I would highly recommend to other organizations looking to share, learn, and lead in the age of digital business.”

Troy Campano
Director of Architecture, Liberty Mutual, 2018 Americas winner

“We were so honored to receive this prestigious award, and to be acknowledged as best in class for our innovative triple layered service.  It was very exciting to stand in front of such a large professional audience from the financial arena, and get their online feedback by voting for us in real time .”

Limor Safran Seifer
Head of Digital Banking, Israel Discount Bank. 2018 EMEA winner

“Being part of the BMO team that won the prestigious Gartner Eye on Innovation Award, as selected by our peers and top innovators in the industry, was quite a remarkable experience! It was a tremendous privilege to share the stage, and present our business case, with all of the other talented finalists. The award truly showcases that the spirit of innovation is alive and well!”

Brian Chan
Head Bill Payment & Transfer Experience, Bank of Montreal, 2018 Americas Winner

“Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards is an extraordinary and highly recommended experience for every bank. Very strong competition among the top innovators in the industry, with a spirit of collaboration during a remarkable event.”

Stelios Mantas
Director Retail Banking Division, National Bank of Greece, 2017 EMEA winner

“The endorsement from such an international group of senior executives is a great recognition for us. We are very proud to have won despite the very strong cases from our contenders.”

Gero Gunkel
Group AI Lead, Zurich Insurance, 2017 EMEA winner

“By participating in the Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards, we learn how to operate digital business from good to excellent.”

Michelle Liu
Head of Data Intelligence Department of O Bank, 2017 APAC winner