Gartner Data & Analytics Summit - Cancelled

September 21 – 24, 2020 | Grapevine, TX

Cancellation of
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2020 in Grapevine

With continued uncertainty relating to travel restrictions, government directives and reports from leading health organizations, Gartner has made the decision to reevaluate its conference portfolio for the remainder of 2020. As a result, we have made the decision to cancel the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, scheduled to take place in Grapevine, September 21 – 24, 2020.

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Discover the technology, insights and trends shaping the future

Demand for data and analytics skills has doubled inside IT, and even more rapidly outside IT. New business models and sweeping technology change, including AI, are driving the need for a data and analytics-centric culture.

Data governance and ethics must be established and supported. Data literacy is an imperative.  Creative thinking must be cultivated as a fundamental competency. Data and analytics leaders, including CDOs and CAOs, must evolve their organizational culture to  thrive in these times of change.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, September 21 – 24 in Grapevine, TX offers content for every member of your data and analytics team – from technical to senior level strategy.  Join data and analytics leaders to gain the skills to build and execute a world-class strategy.

Business strategy

Learn how to build an effective data and analytics strategy that will improve productivity, enable fact-based decision making and drive significant business value.


Take a deep dive into the data and analytics tools that will change your organization, compare technology providers and separate hype from reality. 


Develop the leadership skills to bridge the gap between business and IT, drive innovation, build resilient teams, and make data and analytics pervasive in your organizational culture.

The Gartner difference

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. We equip leaders and their teams in every major business function with the indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organizations of tomorrow. Across every industry and enterprise size, Gartner provides the expertise needed to tackle your key initiatives, stay ahead of competition and grow your organization’s value.

Calling all data and analytics leaders

Gartner Data and Analytics Summit is the premier conference for chief data officers, chief analytics officers and senior data and analytics leaders. 

  • Analytics and business intelligence leaders: Create a strategy to innovate business, validate and benchmark strategy.
  • Information management and master data management leaders: Maximize your value to your organization, ensure data quality and build effective data governance programs.
  • Senior IT and business leaders: Identify and validate new technologies and strategies to add value to the business.
  • Architects: Learn how to build the right information strategy and architecture.

Tracks at a Glance

Attendees have access to over 150 sessions built on the latest Gartner research. The agenda is designed to help data and analytics leaders meet the demands of the future. Each track has a particular area of focus that helps deliver what matters most to you and your organization.

Track A

Leadership and Culture: Build the Resilient Organization

Learn how to drive innovation, build and manage teams, rewire culture, skills and roles, closing talent gaps, and learning what successful leaders do.

Track B

Business Outcomes and Strategy: Realize the Value

See how data and analytics drives your mission critical priorities and how to select and prioritize the right set of investments to ensure success.

Track C

Trust and Governance: The Evolving Challenge

Gain guidance for adaptive enterprise data, analytics and AI governance, data quality, data catalogs, master and application data, best practices around digital ethics and trusted data sharing.

Track D

Analytics Everywhere: Drive Pervasive Outcomes

This track addresses how to make analytics fundamental to all parts of the business in a trusted way. Data & analytics leaders need to expand their use of analytics for greatest impact.

Track E

Technical Insights: The Art of the Pragmatic

This track built on Gartner for Technical Professionals research, delivers actionable, technical insights into the best practices, methodologies such as DataOps, and tools needed to ensure deployment success. It provides advice on the pitfalls to avoid when scaling deployments of data and analytics in and beyond the enterprise and across the cloud.

Track F

Data Architecture: Effective Data Design

Learn how to draw the disparate pieces together with a focus on enabling technology components such as cloud, analytics infrastructure, data lakes, data warehouses, blockchain and more.

Track G

AI, Data Science and Machine Learning: The Future Starts Now

Understand technology trends, what’s real, what’s hype, skills development and talent recruiting needed for successful deployment and business impact.

Track H

Emerging Technologies: Disruption is a Given

This track explores the emerging trends and approaches that will change your business and should not be ignored.

Spotlight Track

Master Data Management: Define a Consistent Foundation

This spotlight track places MDM in the broader context of data and analytics by virtue of being embedded in each of the primary tracks. It addresses the fundamentals of MDM as well as advanced topics including the business value of MDM, practical MDM, MDM and digital commerce and growing complexities with MDM in the cloud as more and more business applications and analytics are distributed on multiple clouds and on premises.

Spotlight Track

Business Skills for Data and Analytics Leaders: Be the Change Maker

This track focuses on critical skills necessary for success - gaining support and buy-in from peers and business leaders using storytelling, dealing effectively with organizational politics, engendering collaboration across the business, building and managing innovative and successful teams, and managing change.

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