Submit Your Entry Now Through October 18, 2023

Gartner Power of the Profession™ is an annual community-driven recognition & award program. Learn more about how to nominate your breakthrough supply chain innovation(s) for consideration.

The Gartner Power of the Profession™ Supply Chain Awards are for breakthrough supply chain innovations and inspire supply chain transformation.

Any company that owns, operates and/or manages a physical supply chain is eligible for the awards. Software vendors, consulting groups, public relations firms, academic institutions, and those deemed as purely service providers are not eligible.

There are four categories for which you may submit an entry at You may submit one or more entries for any or all of the categories. The 2024 submission window is open now through October 18th.

  • Customer or Patient Innovation of the Year: Achieving a positive, quantifiable impact on customer or patient loyalty through supply chain.
  • Process or Technology Innovation of the Year: Achieving outstanding and quantifiable business performance thanks to a breakthrough supply chain innovation in process engineering or technology application.
  • Social Impact of the Year: Achieving a positive, quantifiable impact on community and/or the environment through supply chain.
  • People Breakthrough of the Year: Fostering diversity on the supply chain team, creating value for the business through supply chain, and/or developing capabilities across the value chain.

Every entry must address the following questions. Please note that entries have word count limitations. 

  • Summarize your innovation. (3 bullet points that highlight your innovation with no more than 100 words total)
  • Provide background on problem definition, and previous state performance. (300 word limit)
  • How does your innovation differentiate from standard practice? (600 word limit)
  • What changed as a result of the innovation? (e.g., developed new capability, increased productivity, reduced cost, decreased impact on environment) (600 word limit)
  • How have you measured the success of your innovation? What was the quantifiable impact? (600 word limit)

There is no single definition for a breakthrough supply chain innovation. Entries from past finalists and award winners have been for specific, strategic supply chain initiatives in which the organization has put significant investment and that have produced outsized results at scale.