Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

October 13 – 15, 2020 | Americas | Virtual

The premier conference for CHROs and HR executives from leading organizations

The modern workplace is changing, and HR is at the forefront of this new world. The employee-employer relationship, or “employment deal,” is evolving as employees work everywhere and anywhere. Big changes, like where work is done, how it’s done, who it’s done with and how employees are rewarded, require us to radically reimagine our traditional assumptions of work and roles.

How can CHROs and HR leaders plan for and invest in a future where the employment deal will continue to evolve?

At the virtual Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2020, explore new ideas and trends on how to run recruitment, performance management, development, total rewards, talent analytics, and diversity and inclusion programs. Get the data-backed research you need to build the employment deal of the future. You'll learn how to:

Improve trust in the workplace

An increasing availability of data changes the way HR measures and evaluates employees, and more importantly, how employees measure and evaluate their organizations and leaders.

Redesign jobs

Look forward to a future in which technology changes how, when and where employees work — a future in which the skills employees have are more important than the roles they play.

Deliver greater business impact

Lead your organization through the growth and financial repercussions of business disruption.

If you're a HR executive who wants to improve the performance of your workforce, your organization, and just as importantly, your own career and experience, this is the must-attend event for you.

Brian Kropp

Distinguished VP, Research, and Conference Chair

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    Join your true peer group of CHROs and senior HR executives

    Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2020 virtually brings together a community of trailblazers, thought leaders and industry experts pushing the bounds of human resources. Attendees gain access to research-backed sessions, hear expert advice on specific challenges, and learn top HR trends and priorities, distilled from thousands of conversations with senior HR executives from leading organizations.

    Prepare the HR function to deliver great business impact. Join us and learn how to:
    • Build a company culture that withstands business disruption and enables strategic transformations
    • Prepare your organization for the future of work with short- and long-term workforce planning strategies
    • Prepare your HR team to be at the forefront of strategic business decision making, enable greater business impact and lead the organization through uncertainty.
    Equip employees at all levels of the organization for the future. Gain insights on how to:
    • Embrace and leverage evolving learning technologies and analytics
    • Learn how to measure, identify and build critical skill sets across the organization
    • Build better succession management plans to ensure the right leadership at the right time
    • Discover the most effective and scalable strategies to target development priorities and build new skills
    Get the most effective strategies for competing for talent in today's new recruiting environment. Talent acquisition executives will learn how to:
    • Gain a handle on changing labor market dynamics to source quality talent
    • Create a compelling and influential employment brand 
    • Redesign jobs to enhance productivity, increase digital collaboration and address critical skills gaps
    Address the growing awareness of D&I's impact on business performance. Gain access to research that will help you:
    • Identify cross-functional opportunities to empower diversity across the organization
    • Strengthen business partnerships and hold leadership accountable for D&I outcomes
    • Embed D&I initiatives into business processes
    • Carefully navigate how the organization should respond to highly divisive social issues
    Learn how to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse and evolving workforce. By joining us, you will:
    • Check the pulse of employee preferences and learn how to shape rewards packages to motivate winning performance
    • Address the physical and psychological well-being of the employee experience
    • Evolve performance management and rewards strategies to support the changing relationship between employees and employers
    • Implement innovative strategies for communicating compelling rewards packages
    Drive efficiency and efficacy of HR technology investments. Specifically, learn how to:
    • Make a comprehensive HR technology strategy and maximize technology investments 
    • Employ technology with a more customer-centric mindset for a better employee experience
    • Build a digital workplace that enables positive employee productivity and engagement
    • Bring greater value to the HR function and the entire organization
    Support talent management and the broader business with talent analytics data. You will learn how to:
    • Measure and understand the employee experience
    • Use ethical methods of collecting data that mitigate employee concerns while still providing actionable insights
    • Embed analytics into current business and talent processes
    • Explore ideas and insights to develop the talent analytics discipline and bring greater value to the business

    Tracks at a Glance

    The role-focused agenda for ReimagineHR Conference 2020 virtually delivers insights covering the challenges critical to all HR executives. Explore seven agenda tracks filled with the latest research-based and data-backed content.

    Track A

    Reimagine the Role of the CHRO

    Get the necessary information to work with senior stakeholders and empower your teams to lead through an era of social change, technology disruption and workforce transitions. This track provides CHROs insights on how to reimagine the new employment deal to drive the performance of their teams and organizations.

    Track B

    Reimagine Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

    Evolving skill sets are transforming our hiring needs. Increasing transparency is changing candidate behavior and expectations. Labor market dynamics make it increasingly difficult to source quality talent. In this track, recruiting executives learn about the most effective strategies to compete for talent in today’s new recruiting environment.

    Track C

    Reimagine Learning and Development

    The skills and capabilities that employees need to succeed are changing rapidly. In this track, HR executives discover the most effective and scalable strategies to target development priorities, build new skills and equip employees at all levels of the organization for the future.

    Track D

    Reimagine Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Customers, CEOs, boards of directors and employees are increasingly expecting a diverse workforce. In this track, diversity and inclusion (D&I) executives learn the most innovative ways to accelerate their D&I approaches and strengthen cross-functional partnerships.

    Track E

    Reimagine Performance and Rewards

    As organizations redefine their relationships with their employees (e.g., how work is being done, where work is being done), the way they drive and evaluate employee performance must be redefined as well. In this track, total rewards executives learn how their performance management and rewards strategies must evolve to support the new employee deal.

    Track F

    Reimagine Talent Analytics

    Talent analytics functions and strategies are rapidly evolving. This track helps talent analytics leaders explore ideas and insights to develop their discipline, looking at building and delivering against a value proposition for human capital insights that remains within the boundaries of ethical application.

    Track G

    Reimagine HR Tech

    A comprehensive HR technology strategy is essential for achieving HR top capability and delivering value to the broader enterprise. In this track, HR executives learn about the contribution HR technology brings to HR service offerings and partnering competency by having an employee-centric value proposition at its heart.


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