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Is Your Workforce Capable of Responding to Changing Business Needs?
Arj Bagga, Director, Advisory

Are You Making Progress On Your DEI Goals?
Kathryn Cleary, Senior Principal, Advisory

How Can CHROs Bridge the Influence Gap With the Board?
Belén Fernández, Executive Partner

Does Your Workforce Have the Skills They Need to Do Their Job?
Chantal Steen, Director, Advisory

Does Your Leadership Team Have the Skills They Need to Drive Future Success?
Vitorio Bretas, Director, Advisory, Gartner

Is Your Organization Ready for the Future of Work?
Rachael Marshall, Senior Principal, Advisory

Top 5 HR Trends & Priorities for 2023

Each year Gartner surveys HR leaders to identify HR trends and assess HR priorities and expected challenges. This year we surveyed more than 800 human resources leaders across 60 countries and all major industries. 

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