Gartner Employee Diagnostic Suite

Uncover what’s working with your employees and what needs improvement.

Improve employee engagement and retention with a comprehensive action plan

Employee experience surveys provide HR leaders with valuable feedback from employees at key points in the employee life cycle and across many core elements of the employee value proposition. 

Gartner for HR employee experience surveys are based on trigger events (hire, onboarding, exit) and collect real-time feedback across the organization. These surveys work together to create a powerful employee diagnostic tool that equips HR leaders to:

  • Assess and improve the health of the recruiting function
  • Monitor and demonstrate the effectiveness of their onboarding programs
  • Understand why employees are leaving and how to evolve employment value proposition 
Employee Start Date to Employee Termination Date can use Recruiting Effectiveness Diagnostic, Onboarding Experience Monitor, and Departure View

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Leverage our peer-sourced Employee Diagnostic Suite to inform your HR strategy

Recruiting Effectiveness Diagnostic (RED)

The Recruiting Effectiveness Diagnostic (RED) is a matched-pair recruiting effectiveness survey deployed to new hires and hiring managers to help measure the quality of the hire and recruiting process effectiveness.

Sample image of the Recruiting Effectiveness Diagnostic (RED) Report

Employee Onboarding Experience Monitor

The Employee Onboarding Experience Monitor is an employee survey designed to help HR leaders understand, monitor and demonstrate their onboarding programs’ effectiveness and improve the employee onboarding experience.

Sample image of the Employee Onboarding Experience Monitor Report

Departure View Exit Survey

The Departure View Exit Survey is an employee exit survey diagnostic tool that helps HR leaders identify key drivers of attrition, curb turnover and improve the employee experience.

Sample image of the Departure View Exit Survey Report

About this tool

The Gartner Employee Diagnostic Suite is a collection of employee experience surveys (Recruiting Effectiveness Diagnostic [RED], Onboarding Experience Monitor, and Departure View Exit Survey) that helps HR leaders:

  • Measure employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Understand the reasons for an employee’s departure
  • Benchmark and measure the quality of hire and recruiting process effectiveness
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